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Chapter 2300

Orion Exeor hummed and said seriously: “It is time to let her stop, otherwise it will be like a moth to the fire, and she will be hurt in the end.”

Lord Thorne repeatedly thanked him, and then hung up the phone in a hurry. , Immediately afterwards, another video call was sent to Zara.

The reason why he wants to make a video call is because he knows the video call, and after the other party picks up, he will directly use the speaker by default. In this case, not only Zara can hear what he wants to say, but his daughter Deana and grandson Fitz can also hear it.

What Lord Thorne was afraid of was that Zara did not believe in divination and fortune telling. If she clearly told her that there were tigers in the mountains, she would probably not retreat, but would instead go.

Therefore, he wanted to solemnly inform them of this in front of Deana’s family of three, even if he could not persuade Zara, there would be Deana and Fitz.

It was dinner time. Zara was indeed having dinner with her mother and brother. When she received a video call from her grandfather, she was suddenly delighted. He thought it was the result of the divination, so he immediately pressed the call button.

Video ON, asked Lord Thorne smiling: “What are you doing right now?”

Zara said: “We are preparing to eat it, have you yet?”

Lord Thorne said with a smile:. “I’ve finished,”

he said After that, she asked: “Where are your mother and your brother?”

Zara immediately switched cameras, took pictures of her mother and brother, and said: “Mom and brother are here, by the way, grandpa, you can ask the master to help?” Lord Thorne nodded, and said, “I did!”

Zara couldn’t hide her excitement and asked, “Really? Does the master give any clear clues?”

Lord Thorne hesitated for a moment, then sighed lightly, and said, “Master Exeor helped you with a trigram, but the trigram shows that the person you are looking for has a very high life and a very hard life, so even Master Exeor can’t see through any clues related to him.”

“Huh?” Zara said in disappointment, “Grandpa, didn’t you say that Master Exeor is very good? Why can’t I find any clues? ? ”

Lord Thorne explained:.” I am not unable to find clues, see through, even the master Exeor, also lower than the fate that person you’re looking for who is on the top”

Zara was very upset and said:” What is low First class, first class, I think that Master Exeor just can’t find any clues, so I found a reason to excuse him.”

Deana hurriedly said: “Zara, don’t be rude!”

Zara blurted out, “Mom, I say it not the truth? that depends master say get this get this, finding out said finding out, what to say non-high-low first-class first-class, and that is not an excuse to cover up their own incompetence it? ”

aside Fitz said, “Zara, don’t be so extreme. If he is really a liar, he will definitely not tell you something he can’t see through. He will only tell you something ambiguous or baseless. “For example, if you are looking for someone, he may tell you in a straightforward manner that the person you are looking for is in the northwest, and then you can find the rest by yourself. As for whether you can find it, it has nothing to do with him.”

“And since the Master Exeor can directly say that he can’t see through, then I believe this is definitely not an excuse.”

Although Zara did not believe in this, but at this time, he did not want to argue with his family too much, so he had to say angrily: “Since even Master Exeor can’t see it through, I’ll just rely on myself to find it slowly!”

Lord Thorne said hurriedly at this time: “Zara, if you listen to Grandpa’s advice, don’t look for this person anymore.”

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