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Chapter 2299

Lord Thorne heard this, although surprised, but inevitably happy.

He couldn’t help laughing: “Master Exeor, this person is said to be able to kill many top ninjas in Japan on his own. His strength is indeed extraordinary, and his life is harder. It should be normal too?”

Orion Exeor is very serious. Said: “Bradley, there are many people with hard fate, and nothing else, but all the widows of Coff have fate as hard as iron, but the fate of real dragons is extremely rare. If you put it in ancient times, I dare not say He must be a ninth-five person, at least he must be a prince and general, an extraordinary person !” Lord Thorne was silent for a moment, and said seriously: “Master Exeor, my granddaughter really wants to find this person, I wonder if you can give it to me?”

Orion Exeor exclaimed: “This life is superior to me. I can’t see through it.”

Lord Thorne exclaimed: “Master Exeor, there is a fate you can’t see through?!”

Orion Exeor laughed bitterly. Seriously said: “This kind of fate is like ancient official titles. Since ancient times, officials at a higher level have crushed people to death, and at higher levels, I am outside of my ability. No matter what, I can’t see through.”

Lord Thorne asked in surprise. : “If you can’t see through, how do you know that he is the fate of a real dragon?”

Orion Exeor laughed: “My fate is python. In the law of feng shui fate, the python is second only to the dragon. Therefore, above me, there is only Dragon. Just like a prime minister who can override him, there is only the Ninety-Five Supreme. As long as it is a life style that I can’t see through, it must be the life of a true dragon. “As he said, he recalled Charlie’s appearance in his mind, and said with full respect in his tone: “I was fortunate enough to meet a man who was destined by a true dragon, and his abilities have long surpassed the imagination of mortals. Although I don’t know how talented this person your granddaughter met, but it won’t be bad if you want to.” To Charlie, Orion Exeor has always been full of respect.

At the beginning, he calculated that his time limit was approaching, and at the same time, he calculated that the East had the opportunity to continue his life, so he agreed to Lord Wade’s request to go to Eastcliff to find a fengshui treasure for the Wade family.

It was also at Wade’s house that he realized that Charlie was in the Wade Shoal. At that time, Charlie was at the lowest point of life and destiny, and his fate was not comparable to him. Therefore, he can count Charlie’s fortune.

After he broke the predicament of Wade Shoal, Charlie’s fate soared, and from that moment on, he could no longer see Charlie’s fate.

Right now, he couldn’t figure out who Zara was looking for, so he could also conclude that the person Zara was looking for was the fate of the real dragon.

Lord Thorne sighed helplessly when he heard this, and said: “It seems that if my granddaughter wants to find this person, I am afraid it will take more time!”

Orion Exeor said solemnly: “Bradley, I don’t recommend you The granddaughter continues to look for it.”

Lord Thorne asked in surprise: “Why? Master Exeor, what do you say?”

Orion Exeor said seriously: “The hexagram shows that your granddaughter is in conflict with the life she is looking for, and the other It is also the most powerful, which is like a bicycle, and a heavy-duty train traveling at high speed. If the two do not collide, they can naturally be in peace, but if they collide, the bicycle will definitely have no chance of winning. “When Lord Thorne heard this, he couldn’t help taking a breath. He has great trust in Orion Exeor.

So he hurriedly said, “Master Exeor, thank you for your reminder. I will call my granddaughter and ask her not to look for it anymore.”

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