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Chapter 2298

After sending Aurora out of the house and watching her leave, Charlie took the medicinal materials she sent back to the bedroom on the second floor of himself and Claire. The medicinal materials Aurora sent were enough for him to refine a batch of healing pills and a batch of rejuvenating pills.

The healing pill is no longer useful to him, but this kind of medicine is indeed very effective for ordinary people. Jasmine suffered an accident in Japan at the time, and it was the pill that saved her life.

Therefore, refining a batch of such medicines and giving them to people like Mr. Quinton, Mr. White, Travis Lane, and Dr. Simmons can be regarded as a reward for the gifts they gave him years ago. As for the Rejuvenation Pill, Charlie also plans to make another batch, one of which will be given to Mr. Quinton, and the rest can be reserved for emergencies.

In one afternoon, Charlie refined ordinary healing pills and 30 rejuvenating pills each.

Seeing these newly refined pills, Charlie suddenly thought of Elaine, his mother-in-law.

In fact, with a small trauma such as a broken leg, at most a quarter of a healing pill can make her well. And in his hand, there are as many as thirty. Count it down, enough to break her leg 120 times. At this moment, Charlie also hesitated whether to reward her with some medicine so that she could recover earlier.

But after another thought, he immediately dismissed the idea, and muttered: “Forget it, she is not worthy!”

Just when Charlie refined the pill, Lord Thorne, who was far in Eastcliff, called Orion Exeor who was on the other side of the ocean.

Orion Exeor is nearly a hundred years old, but because of taking a Rejuvenation Pill, his body is still very healthy.

He usually wakes up at five o’clock in the morning and does a set of Taijiquan to achieve the goal of strengthening his body. After punching, he will go to his study and use three old coins to give himself a simple idea. Divination with three ancient coins is the most commonly used method of six lines and eight trigrams. Unlike most Fengshui masters, Orion Exeor’s three ancient coins are almost all treasures of ancient coins.

The largest one is the priceless Warring States Three.The remaining two are the extremely rare in the world. Many people who have played with ancient coins for a lifetime may not have the opportunity to see one of them. Just as he finished a hexagram and was comprehending the hexagrams represented by the few copper coins in front of him, Lord Thorne called.

Orion Exeor answered the phone and smiled slightly: “I’m wondering why today’s hexagram looks like an old person, and the inner image seems to be separated by thousands of mountains and rivers. Unexpectedly, your phone came here.”

Lord Thorne sighed. “Master Exeor really has a

brilliant plan. I admire and admire it!” Orion Exeor said with a smile: “Lord Thorne, you don’t have to go so far between you and me. What can I do so early?”

Lord Thorne hurriedly said, ” Master Exeor, that’s it. , I have a granddaughter who has always wanted to find her savior, but after searching for a long time, she still found nothing, so I would like to ask you to help me and give her a hint. I don’t know if it is convenient for you.”

Orion Exeor laughed: ” Your granddaughter knows how to return to Entu. In that case, give me her birth date and tell me the general clues about her rescue . I’ll take a look.” Lord Thorne hurried to Zara’s The birth date, as well as the time and passage of the kidnapping of her and Fitz in Japan, roughly informed Orion Exeor.

Orion Exeor muttered to himself: “The incident happened in Japan, Japan is east of China, and the East is the blue dragon in terms of Feng Shui…” After that, Orion Exeor pinched and said, and then grabbed it. The old money on the table, closed eyes, shook in the palm of the hand for a moment, and then threw it out.

It didn’t matter, his brows immediately frowned, and he said: “Strange! There is a sign of looking for a dragon in your granddaughter’s hexagram!”

“Looking for a dragon?!” Lord Thorne asked in surprise: “Master Exeor, what do you mean by looking for a dragon?”

Orion Exeor said sternly: “Seeking is looking for, and the dragon is the Drago, the real dragon of the world. This hexagram shows that the person your granddaughter is looking for is extremely fateful. Strong and not easy!”

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