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Chapter 2292

Zara hurriedly said: “It’s okay, it’s okay, you can just ask me.”

Then, she asked: “By the way, Grandpa, if he is willing to help, do I have to go to the United States again?”

“No need.” Lord Thorne said: “Master Exeor has great magical powers. If he agrees, I will give her your birth date and tell him about the things you want to ask. It should be fine.”

Zara was surprised and said: “So amazing?”

Lord Thorne laughed and said: “Divination and fortune telling are the supreme wisdom of our ancestors. It is said that its magic is only a little bit of understanding by modern people.”

Then, he said: “It’s midnight in the U.S., and I’m not very good at contacting Master Exeor. Or wait patiently. When the evening comes in the U.S., it’s morning. I’ll call Master Exeor’s phone.”

Zara hurriedly said, “Grandpa, then please!”

At this moment, Charlie has hurried home and prepared lunch. Although Elaine broke her leg, she still insisted on crutches and beat him in the kitchen.

After busying to prepare the food, Elaine said with a look of ashamedness: “Good son-in-law, mom should have cooked for you, but mom’s legs are not convenient!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Mom, don’t be so polite, anyway, I don’t have anything to do. It’s okay to do housework.”

With that, he said to Elaine: “Mom, Claire and Dad should be coming soon too. I will cook another tomato and egg soup. When they come back, we can have dinner.”

Elaine hurriedly said: “That’s really hard for you, my son-in-law, mom will wash the tomatoes for you!”

Charlie served the best food, and his wife Claire and his wife Jacob also drove home one after another.

As soon as Claire came back, he said to Charlie with some excitement: “Husband, today, Doris Young, Vice Chairman of the Emgrand Group, called me and said that the six-star hotel under construction in the Emgrand Group is about to start the whole The design of the interior decoration is in tender!”

“Really?” Charlie asked, pretending surprise: “This project should be a lot, right?”

Claire excitedly said: “It’s not just too big, it’s simply too big…the Emgrand Group’s six-star hotel project has been launched since last year, with an investment of 2 billion. Now the main body construction has come to an end, so now we need to finalize the interior decoration plan, and then when the main body construction is over, the internal hard and soft installation will begin!”

Having said that, Claire went on to introduce: “The entire hotel budget of 2 billion, half is used to buy land and infrastructure, and the other half is almost all used for post-renovation, including at least 300 million for hard decoration, soft decoration and various top furniture. The purchases of, bedding, sanitary ware, and electrical appliances are about six or seven billion. Now those senior executives of domestic big-name home furnishings, sanitary ware and decorative building materials have come to Aurous Hill and are preparing to participate in the subsequent bidding!”

Charlie smiled and asked, “How much budget does Emgrand Group have prepared for the decoration design?”

Claire said: “The quotation for this kind of commercial decoration design is generally around 300 dollars per square meter. The six-star hotel of the Emgrand Group has a total business area of ​​130,000 square meters. Some repetitive designs in the same room type are removed. , The design engineering volume is at least seventy to eighty thousand square meters, and the decoration design fee alone costs twenty to thirty million!”

When Elaine on the side heard this, she was surprised and said: “Mom! Claire! Are you kidding me?! Just engage in decoration and give 20 to 30 million design fees?!”

Claire nodded and said seriously: “It’s not a joke. The price is still relatively low. If it is a large design company or a well-known designer, the price will be even higher. The design cost per square meter is at least 800 to 1000!”

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