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Chapter 2287

At the same time, Charlie had already escaped hundreds of meters by bike. In order not to be found by Deana, he didn’t even buy any vegetables, so he rushed directly to Thompson First.

On the way, he called Isaac Cameron, and as soon as he came up he ordered: “Isaac, someone went to the old house where my parents lived today. Please help me find out who it is!”

Isaac Cameron asked in surprise: ” Master, did you go to the old house today?”

“Yes!” Charlie said: “I saw a woman there. She looked at me and called my father’s name. I want you to help me find out her identity. In addition, check whether this person is an enemy or a friend, and what kind of intersection she has with my father.”

“Okay!” Isaac Cameron said without hesitation: “I will investigate now!”

Charlie said again: “Yes, also There is one thing you need to do for me.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “Master, you say!”

Charlie said: ” Check what is the situation of the owner of the old house, when will his case be pronounced, and when will the house be auctioned off? At that time, I will buy this old house!”

“Good young master, I’ll check it out!”

Then, Charlie randomly found a supermarket near Thompson First, and prepared to go home after buying a la carte. As soon as he left the supermarket, Isaac Cameron called.

“Master, the two things have ended!”

Charlie hummed and said, “Say separately!”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, “The second lady from the Thorne Family of Eastcliff, Deana, went to your parents’ former residence today.”

Charlie frowned and asked: “The Thorne Family ? Deana? What is it?” Isaac Cameron said: “This Deana is Zayne’s wife.”

“What?” Charlie asked in amazement, “Zayne’s wife? Fitz and Zara’s biological mother?”

“Yes.” Isaac Cameron said: “It is Fitz and Zara’s mother. She came to Aurous Hill this morning.”

Charlie asked, “Then why did she come to my parents’ former residence? She knew my father?”

Isaac Cameron He explained: “You may not know about this matter. In fact, this Deana has always liked your father, but your father didn’t choose her back then.”

Charlie was surprised and somewhat embarrassed. Zayne’s wife likes his father, which is indeed a bit unexpected. Charlie thought that Xion was the illegitimate daughter of Zayne. It was just exposed by the Japanese media last night. Deana came to Aurous Hill today and went to the former residence of his parents. Is this really a bit too impatient? If Zayne knew, he would be so angry that he would vomit blood.

Isaac Cameron also said: “Young Master, there is still news about the house,”

Charlie said hurriedly : “Say it!” Isaac Cameron explained: “The case of the house owner, the final judgment was pronounced just two days, and he illegally raised funds. The amount involved in the case is very large, and the capital chain is broken, and there is no way to repay it. Therefore, in addition to the sentence, the probability is that all his assets will be confiscated and used to compensate the victimized investor. Therefore, once the sentence is pronounced, the house will immediately Entering the judicial auction process, if you hurry up, it will be possible to start the auction within a week!”

Charlie heard this, and he was immediately happy, and said hurriedly: “You can sign up for me, then I will go to the auction. In any case, you have to buy this house too!”

Isaac Cameron said: “Good master, this matter is on my body!”

Charlie hummed, and said, “Let’s do this first. You helped me keep an eye on that recently. Deana, since she knows my father, she will most likely infer my identity. My identity cannot be revealed yet, so try not to let her find me.”

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