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Chapter 2281

As he leaves the Pearl River, Charlie hurried to the vegetable market. Time has been delayed a lot, and if you don’t hurry to buy the vegetables back, the wife won’t be able to eat breakfast when she comes home from get off work.

Although Aurous Hill is an ancient city, its modern atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. The destruction, demolition, and modification of the old city’s buildings have basically become the style of modern city high-rise buildings.

Many traditional crafts and markets in the past have gradually been replaced by various tall shops and general supermarkets. In the early years, there were many hair shavers on the side of the road, and they had great skills in shaving their heads. Two or three dollars could be used to shave their heads by sitting on the side of the road. But now, it has long since disappeared.

Instead, there are various exquisite and high-end beauty salons. Those Tony teachers who are not very skilled and whose hair is not even full can cut a hair at random, starting with one or two hundred dollars. When encountering unscrupulous merchants, customers will be fooled into applying for a card, cutting their heads and being cheated for thousands of dollars.

In the past, there were many horse-drawn carriages and donkey carts on the roadside. Uncle farmers in the countryside picked vegetables from the fields in the morning and drove them to the city to sell them. Vegetables and fruits were fresh and cheap.

However, animal-drawn carts have not been allowed to enter the city in recent years, and even traditional vegetable markets have become fewer and fewer, so that most people can only go to the supermarket to buy food.

The quality of the vegetables in the supermarket is not very good, but the price is surprisingly expensive. It costs more than ten dollars to buy a cabbage. This also caused this ancient city to gradually lose the scent of traditional life. In fact, Charlie usually doesn’t like going to the supermarket to buy groceries, so he always feels less interesting.

Therefore, he often goes to a protected old residential area in the old city where there is a very lively vegetable market. The reason why I like to go to that old residential area is not only because it is more grounded, but also because there is another reason hidden in Charlie’s heart, and no one has told him. In the past, when he and his parents first arrived in Aurous Hill, their parents particularly liked the characteristics of the old town of Aurous Hill.

There are many old-fashioned buildings left over from the Ming and Quintong Dynasties and the Republic of China. This architectural style is very different from the north, and parents like it very much.

Because of their passion for traditional culture, his parents rented an old house in the old town. After his father’s renovation, the family lived in a very comfortable place. Later, when his parents had an accident, Charlie entered the orphanage. He would often sneak out with his friends Caleb and Lisa to take a look at the old town. At that time, Caleb and Lisa thought Charlie was playful and wanted to sneak out to play.

But what they didn’t know was that Charlie actually just missed his parents. After his parents had an accident that year, the house was rented out for some years, changing batches of tenants. Later, the house was bought by people who invested in real estate and waited for the demolition to appreciate.

Later, the house and the nearby old buildings were classified as a historical building protection area, and demolition and rebuilding were prohibited, so the house was left vacant for a long time.

Charlie also quietly inquired about it. It is said that the person who invested in this house was the initiator of a real estate speculation group in Eastcliff. Although this old house cannot be realized after being smashed in his hands, it is nothing to him. , So this house keeps throwing it like this.

Later, the speculator was caught in a lawsuit because he was involved in illegal fund-raising abroad, and the house was sealed by the court.

There were rumors about the auction two or three years ago, but because the person involved in the case was relatively large, the case has not been finalized in the past two years, so he has never entered the foreclosure process.

The vegetable market where Charlie went to buy vegetables was not far from this old house, so he planned to stop by and take a look.

On the way Charlie was riding his bike, a Rolls Royce had stopped in front of this mottled old house.

In Rolls-Royce’s co-pilot, an old man walked down. This person was the old butler of Eastcliff’s Thorne family in Aurous Hill.

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