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Chapter 2278

If you become a master turtle, you still have a chance to regain your freedom soon. Otherwise, you might really have to work in KTV for a lifetime. You can’t be in your 60s or 70s, with gray hair, still handing out toilet paper to male customers at the toilet door? That’s too damn bad. At this time, Caesar on the side saw Lloyd’s face with a dead father’s depression, and felt a little sympathetic.

Thinking of this, he sighed in his heart: “Although Lloyd almost caused me a catastrophe today, he is still a friend of mine. He has always respected me without saying anything, and even arranged for my favorite girl, I still owe him a favor…”

“Just now, to protect myself, I immediately beat him up and threatened to abolish him. Now think about it, I will pay him back. It is indeed a little bit sad. If this is spread outside, people outside will also say that Caesar is not kind, and if something happens, he will betray his friends…”

“Moreover, Master Wade is really too good. loss, let Lloyd go ktv when turtles public, this is tantamount to make an annual salary of millions of company leadership to sweep the toilet, trail mix are too proud, that sort of thing, who can bear ah …… ”

He an idea At this point, Caesar took advantage of Charlie’s talking to Wendy at this time, so he leaned in front of Lloyd and said in a low voice: “Hey, Lloyd, don’t feel too depressed in your heart. You can have this ending today. It smells…”

Lloyd heard this, tears flowed down, and he stood up with the urge to cry, choked up and asked, “Brother Caesar… Is the son on, or does it burn incense?”

Caesar nodded earnestly and said: “Don’t say you are a small boss who is doing evil all day long, forcing good for prostitution. There was a boss whose company was valued at more than one billion and was about to be listed on the GEM. No one has ever done your job. This kind of conscientious business is because I was blinded and pretended to be forced by Master Wade, and now he is still carrying cement on the construction site! Master Wade can say, when will it be enough for 20 years, and when will it be finished! Tell me, who is more miserable than him?”

Lloyd was startled.

Caesar continued: “So, just think about it, is it because I’ve been the tortoise in ktv for ten years, or go to the construction site to carry cement for twenty years?”

Lloyd heard this. , Hurriedly wiped away his tears, choked up and said: “If you say so, you should be more comfortable as the tortoise…” “Still!” Caesar sighed, “So let me say, you are good. It doesn’t matter if the money is gone, life is still there, arms and legs are still there, there are so many people who have offended Master Wade in the past, there are really not many people who can end up like you, are they not satisfied? What kind of bicycle do you still want?”

Lloyd nodded, “Brother Caesar, you are right…I…I…Hey…I

Acknowledged …” Caesar nodded lightly and continued: “This matter, blame your concubine, damn it, it’s not good for her to offend Master Wade, this is not a catch-up. Is the writing dead?”

Lloyd gritted his teeth and nodded. When it comes to Teresa Fay, he really hates it!

So she gritted her teeth and cursed in her heart: “Teresa Fay of the dog day, you are more than defeated if you do not succeed! I knew you would cause such a disaster. I would rather not sleep you and send you to KTV to accompany you! In that case! , I will not suffer this catastrophe today…”

“Hey, it’s a pity that I didn’t know everything. After all, there is no turning back in life. No matter how angry or dissatisfied, I still have to do it at night. Go to work in ktv?”

Thinking of this, he looked at Caesar, and pleaded with tears: “Brother Caesar, in the future, your brother will do the job of the turtle in your place, you must cover me a little bit…”

Caesar turned his back. Looking at Charlie, he quietly patted his chest, and said seriously: “Lloyd, don’t worry, brother will take care of you quietly!”

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