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Chapter 2276

Charlie said earnestly: “As long as you are serious, responsible, and at the same time worthy of your own conscience, it doesn’t matter if you don’t do well.”

After speaking, he said again: “I will let them both transfer all their deposits to the companies’ account. As for how to use the money, after you take over the company, you must sign all the company’s money. The overlord clauses are found, and the unequal clauses on each girl are unconditionally removed, and then the money is distributed to them as compensation according to the number of years they are forced to sign the contract. The distribution rules must be fair and reasonable!”

When Wendy heard this, she almost nodded and said, “Good brother-in-law, I will send this money to them in a fair and reasonable manner!”

“Very good.” Charlie nodded and said with satisfaction: “After you compensate them for the money, you should make it clear to them that the company is next to you, and that the company’s subsequent operations, sharing, payment and other processes are clear. All will be open and transparent. If they are still willing to continue to be courtesy ladies, then continue to cooperate with the company and sign equal employment contracts! As long as you implement these points well, I believe they will not refuse.”

“In this way, after you take over this company, you will have a stable team, and then take some etiquette work, I believe the company will definitely be profitable.”

Wendy heard this and said very seriously: “Brother-in-law, you are right. As long as you sign an equality agreement with everyone, everyone will be very willing to sign with the company!”

Speaking of this, she continued with some empathy: “After all, it’s really hard to be a ceremonial lady alone. Every morning you have to spend a long time washing, making up, and dressing, and then an event is often from morning to night. Therefore, it is impossible to talk about cooperation and expand relations everywhere during other hours of the day.”

“For those of us who are courtesy ladies, the best way to cooperate is to have a reliable company to help us undertake activities everywhere, and then make reasonable arrangements, scheduling and overall planning for us.”

“In this way, everyone is willing to let the company take a draw from their own labor remuneration. Employees and the company cooperate with each other and get what they need, so that they can do better and better.”

During this time, Wendy had a hard life.

The hard work is because she has changed from a lady who never touched the sun with her fingers and never came out to make money, to a laborer who runs around every day to ask for a living.

It is precisely because of her actual participation in labor that she can learn about an industry and discover problems in an industry down-to-earth.

After she had been a lady of etiquette for a while, she also figured out the ups and downs of the lady of etiquette.

At this moment, she thought to herself: “The little girls who are like me as a lady of etiquette are all unreliable and helpless bottoms. They earn rewards by hard work every day. Since everyone has chosen this line, They are all ready to endure hardships and suffer fatigue, so they are not afraid of hardship or tiredness.”

“But what we are afraid of is to meet an unreliable company”

“Just like Lloyd’s etiquette company, the work arranged for everyone is very heavy, but the compensation is very small.”

“It doesn’t matter if you give very little. Lloyd and Teresa Fay are still not satisfied. They want to further squeeze the surplus value of our little girls. So they use various overlord clauses and contract traps to entrap us, and even force them to make money. We push into the fire pit”

“If we can find a reliable company, the company and employees will support each other, even if it is a little bit harder, everyone will have no complaints.”

“It’s a pity that the group of Miss Etiquette is indeed too weak and too easy to be bullied! So most of the bosses in this industry, like Lloyd, are not greedy enough, and do everything possible to exploit us little girls who have no background.”

“So, as long as we are still in this industry, we can only jump from this pit and into that pit.”

“But now my brother-in-law gave me a chance to run an etiquette company. If I do it hard and work hard, let alone how much money I can make, at least I can ensure that the girls who work with me will not be The company is bullied and will no longer be desperately squeezed surplus value by the company”

Thinking of this, Wendy’s heart began to feel a little passionate.

She looked at Charlie with admiration and firm eyes, and said confidently: “Brother-in-law, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I will definitely try my best to not let you down!”

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