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Chapter 2274

“One opening is five million. If it is true that he said, I will at least accompany the wine for ten years in KTV!”

“Isn’t this killing me?!”

Charlie said coldly when Teresa Fay didn’t speak. “Since you do not agree, then I will directly increase the price for you. I will increase the price to 10 million at the beginning. Then there will be Caesar and Don Albert staring at you. If you don’t make enough 10 million, even if you are the king of heaven, don’t even think about it. Save you! I’ll give you three seconds to think about it!” After that, Charlie started the countdown directly.


Just when Charlie was about to count to “one”, Teresa Fay no longer dared to bargain, she cried and said, “Mr. Wade, I promise, I Promise…”

After speaking, thinking of her own destiny, she was about to cry like those girls who were forced to KTV by herself.

At this time, Charlie looked at Lloyd, smiled indifferently, and said, “Lloyd, Teresa has already arranged it, and it is time to arrange a way out for you.”

Lloyd secretly thought desperately: “This is Teresa Fay. It’s so miserable, my mother must have nothing good to eat. If I don’t think of a solution, wouldn’t it be all in my life?”

Thinking of this, he kept kowtow and begged: “Master Wade, I am willing to do You are saddled with a horse, be a cow and a horse, just beg you to spare me this time…please…”

Charlie waved his hand: “Don’t tell me it’s useless, you guys When the two embarrassed and entrapped innocent women, why didn’t you think of forgiving them once?”

Charlie sneered: “Since Teresa Fay is going to ktv to accompany wine in the future, then you can go to ktv to be the tortoise. The same, when will you earn five million, and when will you be free again? In this case, the two of you can be regarded as double-stays and double-flying, and no one has abandoned each other.”

“Be the tortoise?!” Lloyd heard the word. His face turned pale immediately.

A tortoise was a man who did groceries in a brothel in ancient times. To put it bluntly, he couldn’t even count as the security guard of the nursing home.

Generally speaking, the dirty, tiring, and most indiscriminate work done by Mr. Turtle is the role of handing toilet paper to the guests who have washed their hands at the door of the toilet in modern KTV. It can be said that it is in the entire KTV. , Not even the dog guarding the door … When thinking of this, Lloyd burst into tears with his nose and choked: “Master Wade, you can leave me as a dog by your side. No matter what order, I won’t have any delay, just beg you don’t send me to ktv to go to Guido…I also spend some time on the road, how many people are on Aurous Hill Road I know some of them, and KTV is the most frequent place for Taoists. If I see me there, my old face will not be able to hold me…”

Charlie smiled and said, “What are you afraid of? You will become a turtle in the future. just put a small tray on the side of the ktv sink, put a few banknotes in it, and then ask the guests to spend when handing them paper towels. Have you not been on the road? There are many acquaintances and friends, everyone Seeing you become the tortoise, I will definitely take care of your business and give more tips. Maybe you earn 5 million faster than Teresa Fay.” “I…I…” Lloyd At this time, I just wanted to kill him on the concrete floor.

He cried desperately in his heart: “Looking at me, Lloyd, on Aurous Hill Road, everyone is considered the number one person in size and size. Although not comparable to Caesar, it is at least the upper-middle hexagram!”

“Now, let me be the number one. People go ktv when turtles public, would not be complete mockery of the entire Aurous Hill trail?! ” “and I’ve arrogant and despotic, he may no less feud home! ” “if this was later in ktv met, they were I found that I was nodding and bowing at the door of the toilet, handing paper towels to the guests, so why not beat me to a dead dog?!”

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