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Chapter 99

The Garrison family definitely remembered that they would hold a dinner banquet to celebrate the listing of their company.

That day, the God of War had announced that he would come.

That made the Garrison family excited, and they even thought that they would rise in fame and reputation.

However, it was destroyed by Levi.

The Garrison family then saw Levi as a sinner of their family.

This was because Levi was the unlucky one who had disrupted their stroke of luck.

After that, the Garrison family used all means and ways to seek connection with the God of War but was subsequently rejected.

They were most puzzled by the fact that the God of War had come to the dinner banquet, but no one seemed to have noticed it.

They finally understood it now.

It was because Levi was the God of War!

Why else would Levi cause such a huge commotion at the Garrison family’s dinner banquet?

Why did he give the Garrison family a month to make an official apology?

Why did he warn the Garrison family time and again?

Why did he have such confidence?

Because he was the supreme God of War!

Like what Melanie had said, the God of War was the commander-in-chief of the Nine Warzones of Erudia, and he could destroy the entire family really easily!

It was already too late.

Everyone had only reacted when it was too late.

Levi put on his military cap slowly and solemnly. After wiping it clean, he looked at the 100,000 soldiers in front of him.

Upon seeing this, Garfield shouted, “God of War!”

“God of War!”

The entire army shouted that exciting title in unison.

They all looked at Levi, who was the first person in Erudia who held onto such an impressive title!

Their collective voices inspired awe throughout the empire.

The Garrison family was also caught in fascination at this awe-inspiring sight.

This man is Erudia’s God of War!

Just by his presence, everyone knew that with him around, Erudia would be protected and kept safe for thousands of years!

Levi was firmly captured in the hearts of the millions of soldiers of Erudia!

However, the Garrison family members were knee-deep in regret.

This was because Levi used to be a part of the Garrison family.

He had worked hard and fought hard for the Garrison family!

However, the Garrison family had done so many cruel things to him, even forcing him to leave home.

Levi’s gaze landed slowly on the Garrison family members. Then he said mildly, “Did you expect this? The bastard that should be eaten alive by wild dogs! Now I am someone you cannot even touch!”

Upon listening to him, the Garrison family were in shock.

Levi looked at Joseph. “I was supposed to be your grandson, but now I am the commander-in-chief of the Nine Warzones of Erudia with hundreds of thousands of soldiers under my command!”

Then, he turned to look at his adoptive parents. “I was supposed to be your son, but now I am formidable enough to be worshipped by everyone!”

Next, he glanced at Bryan and Victoria and said, “I was supposed to be your little brother, but now I have the power and wealth to hold everything under my control!”

Finally, he gazed at Holly and said, “I was supposed to be your husband’s friend, but now there is no one else controlling me but myself!”

Levi’s voice was like a knife slicing into the hearts of everyone.

At this moment, everyone no longer felt pain but numbness.

They were all completely numbed in shock.

None of them could feel the pain from their nails digging deep into their palms!

What did they miss?

It was unimaginable!

Everyone’s minds went a total blank. They were unable to think clearly on these matters.

The Garrison family thought about it. If they had not dealt so harshly with Levi in the past, how would the Garrison family have prospered?

Perhaps they would have taken control of North Hampton overnight and became the only powerful family, right?

Holly thought about it. If she had not treated Morris badly in the past, who would she have become?

Her husband’s brother was a powerful figure in Erudia! Perhaps she would have been the noblest woman in North Hampton, right?

However, there was no room for regrets!

It was too late!

They had to bear the painful consequences!

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