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Chapter 98

Levi looked at the Garrison family members and called their names out one by one.

They did not dare to say a thing to Levi. It was because when Levi yelled out their names, it felt like he was declaring their deaths.

Everyone stared at Levi blankly. They did not know what he was going to do.

Everyone was utterly confused and was in complete shock.

Levi placed his hands on his back and shouted at everyone in the Garrison family, “Haven’t all of you been guessing what my trump card is? I am telling you now. This is my trump card!”

“This magnificent army with thousands of men and weapons is my trump card!” Levi continued yelling.

The Garrison family became deathly still after hearing what Levi said.

Rick closed his eyes in despair.

Things had actually turned out exactly the way he had guessed!

Holly froze, and her teeth could not stop chattering.

At this moment, there was a path created from the outer circle, surrounded by the crowd. A middle-aged man with two stars on his shoulder quickly walked towards the cemetery.

“King of War! He is the King of War!”

The Garrison family was in shock as all of their facial expressions changed drastically.

Everyone directed their gazes at the King of War walking towards the cemetery.

They saw the King of War approach Levi and greet him respectfully, “North Hampton’s commander-in-chief of the First Army, Garfield Perkins, is here to report to the Chief! The assembly of the First Army is complete, Chief! Please give further instructions!”

Many people could not believe their eyes upon witnessing this scene.

It was indescribable!

He was the King of War with 100,000 guards under his charge, yet he actually addressed Levi as his chief?

Who on earth is he?

Oh my god!

It is unimaginable!

This was a huge shock to the Garrison family. They did not expect to see this!

Thus, they could not accept the fact!

Rick shut his eyes tightly.

Garfield’s action had cemented the thoughts in his head.

Levi is the one!

“Alright, fire the cannons!” Levi commanded.

Garfield waved his hand, and at that moment, dozens of cannons fired their shots at once.




The cannons fired, shaking the earth like thunderbolts.

“Mr. Morris, rest in peace!” 100000 soldiers shouted in unison.

The voices of 100,000 soldiers sounded like thunder. It was a totally earth-shattering sight to behold.

Rowen and his wife cried again.

Levi had given Morris the best, most respectful and most impressive send-off.

Levi faced Morris’ grave and said emotionally, “My brother, this is your belated send-off!”

After everything was done, Levi turned around slowly.

At this moment, Azure Dragon and the others had changed into their military uniforms. Each one of them had a star on their shoulders.

The Five Great Wars Regiment!

Azure Dragon held a set of military uniform and brought it to Levi respectfully.

The Phoenix King of War helped Levi to change out of his black suit and into the military uniform.

After changing into the military uniform, Garfield and the other soldiers looked at Levi in awe.

Standing in front of them was their leader of indomitable military spirit!

He was their role model, the legendary God of War of Erudia!

There was a total of 5 stars on Levi’s shoulder!

He was the only God of War with 5 stars in the whole of Erudia’s history!

At this sight, Rick had already fainted.

Levi’s imposing demeanor was unmatched!

He stared at the Garrison family with indifference and said, “Do you still remember the day you listed your company on the stock market? The God of War said that he would attend the dinner banquet! That was right!”

“Because I am the God of War!”

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