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Chapter 97

They would not even think about putting up a fight. There were at least 100,000 soldiers around!

Many of them regretted it in their hearts. Why did they join the underground world of all things?

Seeing the army advancing towards them, Jack Smith and the other big shots grew afraid.

The pearls that he had initially held in his hands went missing.

The others, like Smiling Buddha and Bob, felt their blood pressure rising. If not because there were people supporting them, they would have fainted and collapsed onto the ground.

The Invincible-13 had also grown pale in shock. They did not even dare to lift their heads!

Joseph was so afraid that he almost coughed out blood. The muzzles were directly pointed at them, so one more step from the soldiers would mean that the muzzles were about to come in contact with their brains.

It was extremely terrifying!

The mercenaries really hated Rick to the core!

If they knew that this was going to happen, they wouldn’t have been lured here by the handsome reward.

They would lose their lives anyway, so how could they spend the money?

At this point in time, there were dozens of transport planes in the sky, and the cabin doors opened.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

The paratroopers landed one at a time.

Hundreds of helicopters also moved in the sky, circling above Joseph and the others.

Everyone was able to see clearly that there was a famous sniper in the helicopter, and the sniper’s rifle was aiming at them.

There were even machine guns facing them, with their angles adjusted.

The paratroopers descended continuously from dozens of transport planes. After landing, they turned their backs to Levi in a half-squatting posture and faced the Garrison family with their weapons aimed at them.

There were thousands of paratroopers, and they all happened to be guarding the open space.

Boom boom boom…

There was some movement on the outer circle.

The cannons were pushed out with their muzzles pointed towards the sky.

However, the Garrison family, Jack Smith and the others knew that they were facing another layer of doom.

They were surrounded at all sides, and the large weapons and battle tanks with guns had driven up so close to them.

Even the helicopters in the sky were directed at them.

They were completely surrounded this time round. There was no way they could escape from this.


Really frightening!

The mercenary, James, and his counterparts were unable to withstand the pressure.

They threw their weapons down, raised both their arms up in surrender, and said, “We were conned by the Garrison family! We did not do anything!”

And then they lay on the floor and placed both hands on their heads. They looked pathetic.

After that, Jack Smith responded and pointed at the Garrison family immediately, “Everything is done by the Garrison family! They invited us here, saying that they have a project that is worth 2 billion! We are so clueless! We did not know! We are in the wrong! We are in the wrong!”

After saying so, Jack Smith and the other big shots followed what James did. They lay down on the ground and placed hands on their heads.



Soon, all their subordinates followed suit. They also lay on the ground and placed their hands behind their heads!

One after another!

Following this, all the security personnel, bodyguards, guards and the mercenaries hired by the Garrison family also lay down on the ground. All of them pushed all the blame to the Garrison family.

In the blink of an eye, there were about a thousand or so people surrendering.

The only people left standing were the Garrison family members, Holly and the others.

They looked right and left to see and realized that they had two choices. They could either continue to have the gun muzzles pointed at their heads, or lie on the ground like what the rest were doing.

They had no choice but to lie on the ground!

Levi shouted from afar, “Joseph?”

Upon hearing his name being called, Joseph grew so frightened. His whole body was cold and sweaty, and his face looked so pale as though he was seriously ill.

He looked helplessly at Levi, who was standing not too far away.







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