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Chapter 95

Jack Smith had never seen such a thing!

He did not know what kind of messages these signal flares were sending.

However, the mercenaries had a horrified expression on their faces.

Upon seeing the signal flare, they knew that something major was going to happen.

It was a signal flare specifically used by the military!

“This is not good. Mr. Garrison, we need to retreat as soon as possible!” The head of the mercenary reported to Rick.

However, Rick who was inexperienced in this aspect could not understand what he meant.

“Why should we retreat? We have yet to find out what exactly is happening!” Rick responded coldly.

“Then we will retreat. We do not want the money anymore!”

The mercenaries knew what the signal flare represented. Thus, they wanted to retreat and leave.

It was not necessary for them to risk their lives for money!


Just when they were about to retreat, there was a sudden movement of the earth, and the ground under everyone’s feet moved.

All of them clearly saw the sand and stones tumbling and shaking under their feet!

The vibrations became more intense and violent. Some people were unsteady and could not remain standing.

It felt as though a giant earthquake was approaching.

The mercenaries bent down slowly and placed their ears on the ground to listen.

In an instant, their facial expressions changed.

This vibration is too loud!

In the past, they had experienced being surrounded by hundreds of enemy mercenaries on the barren battlefield, and the vibration then was loud enough.

However, based on the current vibration and their previous experiences, the scale was much greater than they had encountered.

It would be a rough estimate of about 100,000 people on the battlefield!

100,000 people?

What kind of concept is this? He was unable to imagine it!

Buzz buzz buzz…

This time, there were bursts of low buzzing sounds in the air.

Everyone looked up and was shocked to see small planes hovering in the sky. They could already feel the impending storm.

What was worst was seeing these planes lining up in formation and flying around in groups, circling the sky above.

Everyone was counting the number of planes in the sky.

There were at least hundreds of them!

Not only that, there were hundreds of helicopters dominating the lower airspace as well. They were densely packed and covered the entire sky for miles.

The sky became dark and nobody could see a thing.

The sheer number of these planes had completely covered the sun, blocking out all the sunlight!

There was the sudden arrival of dozens of huge transport planes aimlessly hovering in the air!

Boom boom boom!

The ground below them was shaking violently.

Many people were unsteady on their feet.


Someone standing on the outermost circle shouted, leading everyone to look behind.

A few colossal objects appeared in their line of vision.

When they finally saw them clearly, everyone’s faces had already grown pale.

They were all in complete shock!

The colossal objects were a line of war chariots and battle tanks!

They came in from all four directions.

The mercenaries estimated the number to be at least a few thousand!

It is an epic battle scene!


Everyone saw the infantry among the war chariots. There were so many of them, densely packed together, and they could barely see their individual heads!

Click click click…

The formation of battle tanks was followed by a large infantry. They came at a uniform, world-shaking pace.

“There are four columns in one regiment! As a rough estimate, we can see twenty groups!”

“We can see about 20,000 people!”

“But it is just a small portion. There are a lot more at the back! The main army!”

The mercenaries analyzed the situation using their professional expertise.

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