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Chapter 93

The thugs stopped temporarily and looked behind.

Jack Smith smiled after taking a glance. “Mr. Garrison, you really impress me. Are there more people coming? Is there even a police car? This is really impressive!”

However, Joseph, Rick and the rest of the Garrison family were dumbfounded.

They stood there, at a loss.

The Garrison family had exhausted all their resources, and all their connections were already present at the scene.

Why are there more people coming?

Joseph questioned immediately, “Jack Smith, didn’t you invite these people?”

Jack Smith laughed. “You are kidding, Mr. Garrison. All those who I have invited are already here.”

“That’s right. All our connections are here already.”

Bob, Smiling Buddha and the others responded.

“That is strange! Who are these people? This is bad…”

As soon as they realized something, they turned towards Levi.

He is so calm. He must have invited these people here.

Very soon, these cars stopped outside.

A few people alighted from the police car…

“Captain of Patrol Squad Xavier Fields, Deputy Captain Derrick King, and Captain of Criminal Investigation Team Alex Williamson…”

Jack Smith was very familiar with the people in the police department. He called their names out one by one.

After listening to their names, everyone was struck.

The Garrison family, in particular, was shocked to see the presence of the police. Ben grew extremely pale and was frightened.

Bryan and Victoria were trembling in fear.

At this moment, some more people alighted from the other cars.

At the sight of all these people, Jack Smith, Bob and the others felt intimidated.

“Oh my god! Leader Mr. Jesse Nielsen, Deputy Leader Zenneth Fuller, Uptown District Leader Draco Simmons, First Secretary Cedric Jones, and commander of the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Land…”

Jack Smith was very familiar with these leaders from North Hampton. He mentioned all of their names.

He was going berserk at this moment!

Why are they here?

Even though Jack Smith was known as the King of North Hampton, it was merely a nickname. There were many people who were above him in terms of rank and status in North Hampton.

He was extremely fearful of all these people before him!

If all of them were to put in a bad word about him, he would cease to exist.

Not only was Jack Smith afraid of their presence, but Bob and Smiling Buddha were also fearful.

These people were their enemies!

Although the Garrison family was different from them, they were also afraid of the presence of these big shots!

They were more fearful of the purpose of these people’s arrival. Why are they here?

Rick was very quick to notice that Jesse, Xavier and the others had donned black suits with a white flower pinned to their chests.

It was apparent that they were here to pay their respects to Morris!

His head was about to explode at this moment!

Rick tried to reassess Levi again. Just who exactly is he?

Even these big shots are here to pay their respects to Morris!

Jesse and the others walked over. Xavier furrowed his eyebrows, and yelled, “Make way!”

The thugs were shocked by Xavier and carved out a path for him to walk through.

They were drenched in perspiration as they looked on at Xavier and the others walking past.

Jack Smith, Joseph and the others stood on the other side of the path, waiting anxiously.

At the sight of Jesse and the others, they went over to welcome and greet him.

Xavier yelled coldly, “Scram!”

“Don’t block the way!”

Jack Smith and the others were shocked and stood aside, not daring to move.

Jack Smith took out his handkerchief to wipe away the perspiration on his forehead.

Joseph was so frightened that his blood pressure rose and he almost fainted.

Everyone could only stare as Jesse and the others walk towards the grave.

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