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Chapter 92

Ben did not think so much. He stared at Levi and smirked, “You brat, are you not going to greet your parents now that they are here?”

Levi’s adoptive mother, Winnie, looked at Levi in disdain. “If I knew that you were going to betray us, I wouldn’t have picked you up from the streets. I should have let wild dogs attack you and left you to die! A b*stard like you shouldn’t be allowed to survive.”


Upon receiving his adoptive parents’ harsh remarks, Levi took a deep breath.

If not for the fact that they had adopted him, these few sentences were enough for him to chop their heads off.

He was bitterly hurt!

His adoptive parents actually treated him like this!

I really hate this!

This is the most heartbreaking thing in my life.

Ben’s words pierced Levi’s heart. “Honestly speaking, we never think of you as our son. You are merely our tool!”

Levi’s adoptive mother, Winnie added, “That’s right! We only had one motive when we adopted you last time. You would take up another place in our family, and so we can receive an extra share of the Garrison family’s inheritance! That’s it! Otherwise, do you think we will raise a b*stard like you?”

The Garrison family spoke in unison, “Yes, our family has valuable connections. Do you think you are good enough to be in this family? You are merely a wild dog with impure blood in you! You are not worthy to be part of the Garrison family!”

Victoria was still unable to see the truth, so she stared at Levi. “Levi, are you still thinking of overthrowing the Garrison family? Stop dreaming! It’s not enough just because you have got Nueve on your side. He is merely an insignificant ant.”

Levi then broke into a laugh again. “I have already given you all a month to think about it. Why are all of you still behaving like foolish pigs? Do you really think my supporter is Nueve? Do you think he dares even if I lend my courage to him?” Levi raised his voice.

“No, Mr. Garrison!”

Nueve and the others fell to their knees in utter shock.

At this point in time, everyone at the scene saw that Nueve was fearful of Levi.

He has another hidden trump card that we do not know about!

Rick thought about it and a scary thought flashed past his mind.

Levi looked at Holly and laughed. “Now that you are in front of his grave, don’t you feel a bit of remorse? Don’t you think that Morris is looking down at you from up above?”

To be honest, Holly was feeling a bit remorseful.

However, she lifted her head and said arrogantly, “Hmm, it’s better that he is dead. If he were still alive, would I be able to live so comfortably now? He should be glad that he was able to be of value to his goddess as a substitute!”

Levi smiled. “So you don’t feel the need to repent at all?”

“Of course!”

Levi then looked at the Garrison family members again. “Do all of you not feel an ounce of remorse too?”

Spit! ”You are a bstard and that is another bstard who is dead. What is there for us to repent?” The Garrison family kept labelling them as b*stards.

Rowen and his wife were in tears.

Their son died a terrible death, and yet he was cursed and labelled a b*stard!

Who could withstand such injustice?

Joseph was furious and exclaimed in anger, “King of North Hampton! May I trouble you to take action? I cannot watch this any further!”

Jack Smith nodded his head. “Alright, as you wish!”

“I do not want to see them still standing!”

Jack Smith commanded for everyone to charge ahead.


At this point in time, a revving sound came from outside.

Everyone turned their heads to look in the direction of the cars arriving.

The most frightening thing was the sight of a police car in the middle of those cars!

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