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Chapter 90

However, they saw Levi standing there like an upright spear. He had an indomitable spirit and looked inspiring.

The Garrison family members looked angry.

“Levi, do you not realize that danger is about to befall you?” Joseph snorted.

Levi laughed and nodded his head when he saw the Garrison family looking at him.

Bryan and Victoria smirked. “Let’s see how you are still able to keep up that smile of yours later.”

“That’s right! Your supporter, Nueve is nothing more than an ant!”

Ben and his wife could not continue watching this.

As for Jack Smith and the other big shots, they were just for show.

The real trump card was of course their underlings.

“Gosh! The Invincible-13 are here! This is the first time!”

When Nueve, Trey and the others saw Jack Smith and the 13 men behind him, they drew in their breaths.

The Invincible-13 was the group of master experts in North Hampton. For most cases, one or two of them were enough to bring things to order. All 13 never appeared together like this before. Now that all of them had shown up, something major was about to happen.

A large group of people followed behind the Invincible-13. There were hundreds of people, all dressed in black, with weapons strapped to their waists.

Jack Smith had revealed his trump card. There was a gathering of 500 thugs!

Not only that, Smiling Buddha, Bob and Jimmy’s subordinates also appeared at once. They followed behind the Invincible-13.

There were about a thousand people in total!

With such a massive scale of people present, something was definitely up!

The Garrison family also did not lack resources and men!

They too took out their trump card. They had spent a sum of money to hire a lot of security personnel. So there were about 500 people in total.

Rick was cautious, so he had hired a group of mercenaries. Even though there were just a few dozens of them, they had the necessary weapons with extremely strong combat power.

All in all, there were about 2000 people.

Nueve, Trey and the others felt fear and trepidation in the face of disaster. Their hearts were in their mouths.

There are too many people!

Rowen and his wife were too shocked as they witnessed such a sight.

There were too many people after all.

Seeing the mass of people behind him, Jack Smith commented, “Mr. Garrison, you are making a big fuss! Just 10% of them will do!”

Joseph laughed in embarrassment, “Sorry! I am quite cautious in my dealings because I want to avoid the possibility of making mistakes!”

“Alright, then. Today, I, Jack Smith will give you a bit more power!”

Jack Smith waved his hand. Nearly two thousand people surrounded the cemetery, stood guard and kept watch on all three levels of it. Not even a bird could get in.

They looked like they had the intent to kill as they gripped tightly on the weapons around their waists.

At the sound of a command, they would rush out and slash intruders into pieces.

Jack Smith stepped forward and sneered, “Nueve and others, are you not going to kneel down already?”

“Yeah! You guys do have some guts to think of competing with us with that little bit of capability of yours!”

Bob, Smiling Buddha and the others laughed grimly.

Nueve and Trey were boiling with rage when they saw Jack Smith mocking them. “King of North Hampton, you are right in saying that we have always respected you. But it is impossible for us to do so today!”

“Seems like all of you want to protect Levi with your lives?”

“What benefits have you gained from him, I wonder? All of you are willing to be his slaves!” Jack Smith teased.

Nueve snorted, “Jack Smith, you will never understand who you’re facing today!”


After hearing what he said, the rest laughed out loud.

“Isn’t he just another piece of trash that has been released from prison?”

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