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Chapter 89

Many people were surprised to see a long line of vehicles.

What is happening in North Hampton?

The Lopez family was shocked to find out what was happening.

“Jack Smith, Smiling Buddha, Bob and the others have all gone there! It is frightening!” Samuel shook in fear.

Harry drew in a breath. “Oh my god! Levi is going to be in deep trouble this time!

“This is really scary! I heard that there are thousands of people involved!”

“It is fortunate that we have broken all ties with him in time. If not, the Lopez family would be involved as well!”

Shaun and the others drew in their breaths fearfully.

Henry laughed. “Levi, you are really naive! What do you have to fight with the Garrison family? They have become so powerful!”

Zoey had received the news that there was a long line of vehicles on the roads in North Hampton.

She was sobbing hard, knowing that there were so many people and vehicles heading in a certain direction.

How is Levi going to manage this on his own?

“You are not allowed to go anywhere! Even if Levi is dead, you cannot go anywhere!”

Aaron and Caitlyn stared fixedly at her.

The Garrison family and Jack Smith’s army proceeded to the grave in a majestic manner.

On the way there, Jack Smith said to Joseph, “Francis Hicks is actually not coming.”

Joseph laughed. “He is a mafia boss who likes to remain hidden, so he probably does not want to participate in such trivial matters.”

Jack Smith laughed too. “That’s right. If not for the project, I won’t turn up either.”

Everyone was waiting in front of Morris’ grave.

Rowen and his wife were a bit worried, and could not help but persuade Levi, “Levi, why don’t we just forget about this? The Garrison family is too powerful, and we cannot beat them after all!”

Levi smiled and reassured them, “Please rest assured. I will be able to manage the Garrison family!”

Nueve, Trey and the others also laughed. “No matter who they are, they will succumb to us obediently!”

Very soon, there was a sound of explosion.

Everyone saw the impressive line of cars. Luckily, the surrounding area was big and deserted enough to accommodate them.

Rowen and his wife were shocked at the vast number of vehicles. There were at least tens of thousands of them!

Most of them were MPVs and trucks.

The number of people inside these trucks was unimaginable!

The cars in front were luxury limousines.

One of the car doors opened, and Joseph and the others got down slowly.

Everyone from the Garrison family held their heads up arrogantly. They were high-spirited.

Their purpose today was not only to get rid of Levi and Nueve but also to show the Garrison family’s powerful connections to the whole of North Hampton!

They had an air of arrogance around them and completely disregarded Levi.

After seeing them alighting from the cars, Nueve, Trey and the others went pale.

“North Hampton’s Jack Smith… Jack Jr… Smiling Buddha… Bob… Jimmy…”

They uttered out all their names in astonishment.

In North Hampton, they were the real big shots. As compared to them, Nueve and Trey were mere gangsters.

Any one of them was able to get rid of Nueve and Trey.

“I’ve got no idea what benefits the Garrison family has offered them, but there are so many of these big shots gathered here!”

Nueve drew a sharp breath.

At the sight of Nueve, Trey and the others looking at them in shock, all the members of the Garrison family laughed.

Things were proceeding according to their expectations.

Nueve and the others saw the King of North Hampton like a fearful mouse spotting a cat.

They could not help it!

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