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Chapter 85

While he was at home, Levi received a phone call from Zoey, asking him to visit the construction site.

Surprisingly, Levi only saw Nueve’s men working when he arrived.

Zoey’s workers were nowhere to be seen.

Levi walked up to Zoey and asked. “What’s going on?”

“What’s going on? This is all because of you! My workers knew about my banishment from the Lopez family after the media reported the news. They did not want to be dragged into this mess, so they are on strike temporarily. The same thing is happening at Imperial Meadows too. Even my secretary left her job. What should I do now?” Zoey stared into Levi’s eyes.

Levi could understand the workers’ sentiment. The Garrison family is infamous for their cruelty. No one would want to offend them. It is a given they would want to leave because even the Lopez family banished Zoey to save themselves.

Levi scratched his head embarrassingly. “I’m so sorry. I did not consider this outcome.”

“Are you finally aware of the consequences of your recklessness? Why didn’t you listen to me? Were you not satisfied with our current lifestyle? The Garrison family was not troubling you, and I am given the opportunity to handle this huge project. We had a great life, so why did you have to go to such great lengths to destroy it?” Zoey bombarded Levi with volleys of questions.

Levi took a deep breath and answered with a smile. “You’re right. We were living a peaceful life. But what should I do about Morris? Do you think I can be at ease, knowing how my best friend died and choose to do nothing? I, Levi Garrison, am a man of honor. I do not provoke others deliberately, but they crippled me and falsified crimes against me. They put me behind bars and robbed everything away from me. So how can you expect me to stand by and watch them get their way? You should be the person to know me best. I never take anyone’s possession by force, but I will not allow others to step all over me and remain indifferent! Especially when this matter concerns my best friend’s life and my previous glory. I must retrieve the things that were taken away from me at all costs!”

Zoey looked at Levi in disbelief.

She gained revelation at that moment. I’ve always neglected Levi’s feelings. He is shouldering plenty of burdens as well.

Zoey hugged Levi and sobbed in his arms. “I will stay by your side through thick and thin, Levi.” She glanced at the construction site and continued. “I may lose my life anyway in two more days. So why do I have to care so much about all these things?”

Levi was touched by Zoey’s unwavering love for him. “Do not worry, Zoey. I will handle this.”

“Okay. I believe in you.” Zoey said what she had to because she wanted to encourage Levi. But she did not have any faith in Levi because she could not picture his victory against the Garrison family. Anyway, I’ve steeled my resolution to accompany him to the end, even if we will die together.

The promised day was nearing in a blink of an eye.

The next day would be the day Levi would confront the Garrison family as he vowed.

Zoey prepared a lot of dishes that night and even brought out the best wine they had.

Levi suddenly said after he gulped a few glasses of wine. “Tomorrow will be the day we prosper, Zoey. Should we give your family another chance to join us?”


Zoey’s first instinct was to rebuke Levi. He’s still talking big! But Zoey smiled warmly after she considered the possibility of them dying together the next day. “Really? Will we prosper?” I should do my best to please him in our final moments.

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