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Chapter 84


Philip fell onto the floor.

Misty and Kit yelped hysterically.

“I want all three of you to come to Morris’ grave and repent three days later. Obey me, and I can consider sparing your lives. Otherwise, you will all end up like him!” Levi patted Holly’s cheek. They will have to pay for their sin with their lives. But I want them to repent in front of Morris’ grave first.

Levi left with his men afterward, dragging Philip’s unconscious body with them.

Holly and the others were rooted to their spots as they shivered continuously.

They never wanted to be caught up in such a dreadful situation again in their lives.

Levi said to Francis after they left Lufthansa Club. “Buy me a coffin.”

The next day.

A commotion broke out in front of the Garrison family’s manor early in the morning.

The scream startled every member of the Garrison family.

Joseph Garrison hurried to the front door in his pyjamas. “What’s going on?” Everyone was puzzled as well.

They were horrified to see the coffin placed in front of the manor’s entrance. The striking red color of the coffin was an appalling sight to behold.

The guards of the Garrison family looked at the coffin warily. No one knew what was inside the coffin because none of them had the guts to move closer.

“Who sent this coffin here?” Joseph yelled. Who dares to provoke the Garrison family? Are they trying to court death?

Jaycob said coldly. “This must be Levi’s doing, father! He’s sending us a warning.”

“That’s right. It must be him! Who else would have the guts to do this?”

Joseph ordered. “Someone take a look at the coffin. I want to know what’s inside.”

But no one dared to step forward because they were scared out of their wits. What if it’s a bomb?

Bryan Garrison wanted to go, but he hesitated.

At that moment, Rick Garrison, with his gentle appearance, moved closer to the coffin and shoved the cover.

Everyone gasped when they saw the body lying inside the coffin.

“That’s Philip Hardy.” Rick recognized the person immediately.

“What?” Everyone was shocked.

“Levi is quite something to track them down. I’ll have to question Holly Nelson in person now.” Rick said.

Holly, Misty, and Kit arrived at the Garrison family house after a short while. They explained everything and concluded Levi’s ability to the Garrison family.

“He’s a scary man. There were a lot of bodyguards from overseas beside him last night. The professional hitmen we hired were like toddlers when facing them!” Holly recounted the terrifying experience.

“Hmph! That’s nothing to be afraid of. Can he ever outnumber our family’s force?” Bryan and the others were unfazed.

Rick expressed his thoughts calmly. “We should be more careful, nonetheless. I am acquainted with a group of mercenaries from overseas. I will bring them here since we have time to spare.”

Jaycob smiled. “That’s great! Levi will surely face his doom by that time.”

Holly and her friends could finally relax after realizing the Garrison family’s ample preparations. “How dare Levi asked us to repent? He should just go to Hell instead!”

“I can’t wait to see the surprises my son will be showing us two days later.” Ben Garrison and his wife grinned smugly. They were Levi’s adoptive parents, but they had always treated him like a servant.

Bryan and Victoria laughed wickedly. “Oh, how we wish time would go faster!”

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