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Chapter 83

Levi smirked. “Regretfully, I did not bring the video with me. But I arranged for someone to send it over. I think he will be here soon.”

“What? You did not bring the video with you?” Holly and her friends were enraged.

“Kill him!” Philip ordered.

But Holly stopped them. “Wait! Let’s obtain the video first before we decide on doing anything.”

Francis Hicks arrived at Lufthansa Club with the video shortly after.

Holly wanted to snatch the USB containing the video from Francis, but Levi was quicker.

“I can give you the USB, but you must pay me the money.” Levi smiled.

Kit shouted. “You’re still concerned about the money even under this kind of circumstance, Levi?”

“Do you really think we’ve prepared any money for you? Let me be honest then. We will destroy the video today and murder you as well!” Philip and Misty laughed maliciously.

Holly crossed her arms in front of her chest and sized up Levi in a pompous manner. “You are as ignorant as Morris was on the day of his death!”

Levi slowly looked up when he heard Holly’s words.

All the colors drained from Holly and the others’ faces when they met with his eyes. What’s with him? His eyes… They’re so scary.

In that moment, they thought they witnessed the gory and gruesome scenes on the battlefield reflected in Levi’s eyes. Screams and wails of agony reverberated beside their ears.

They were completely petrified by Levi’s frightening gaze.


Francis snapped his fingers.



The door to the private room was bust open.

Over a dozen men rushed into the room.

Crackle, crackle…

All five professional hitmen were left lying in a pool of blood before they could even react.

The scariest part was when Holly and the others felt something pressed against the back of their heads.

They broke out in cold sweat as clarity washed over them.


Holly and her friends were dumfounded when they saw the muscular men with various skin complexion surrounding them.

“You’re all a bunch of dimwits, Holly Nelson. Do you think five professional hitmen are sufficient to kill this man? What a joke!” Francis sneered.

Holly, Kit and Misty turned to look at Philip incredulously.

Philip explained helplessly. “I didn’t know they’re this weak! I hired them because they worked for the infamous Jack Jr.!”

Jack Jr. was the son of Jack Smith. He shared a similar influence on Nueve in the underworld of North Hampton. Jack Jr. operates a company providing security services, but in actual fact, it was a cover for a hitmen organization.

Philip spent five million to hire the hitmen from him. But he certainly did not expect them to be so useless.

Philip, Kit, and Misty were trembling fearfully. Holly, on the other hand, was relatively calm. She looked at Francis astoundingly. “Who are you?”

“They are here because of me!” Levi said as he walked up to Holly.

Chills traveled down Holly’s spine. She asked frightfully. “What… what do you want?”

“I want to let you know the repercussions of committing a betrayal!”

Levi gave a forceful slap across Philip’s face causing him to pass out immediately.

At this moment, Holly was losing her mind. Her legs wobbled uncontrollably as she sobbed unwittingly in terror.

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