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Chapter 81

Holly was not afraid of Levi because of her current status. But she was reluctant to meet with Levi because she felt guilty towards Morris.

Levi smiled. “That’s me. Why are you so nervous?”

Holly’s legs were wobbling. But she put on a tough front. “What are you talking about. I’m not nervous in the slightest.”

Levi took a seat on the sofa. “I am here to visit you. You were the bridesmaid for my wedding, after all.”

“I am doing well. But we are not really close anyway, so there’s no need for us to catch up with one another. Moreover, as you can see, I am busy now. So, you should leave immediately.” Holly was quick to chase Levi away.

“Relax. I’m here to talk business.” Levi beamed at her.

“What kind of business?” Holly asked curiously.

“It’s about a video that I think you’ll be interested in!”

Holly rebuked him angrily. “I am not interested in any video! Leave now!”

“Perhaps you should take a look at the video before you say that.” Levi suggested.

Holly moved closer to him. “What video is that?”

Levi showed her the video of Morris’ death.

Holly’s face turned paper white instantaneously. She gasped after watching the video. “Where… where did you get the footage?”

“You don’t have to know about that. I am here to talk business with you.” Levi kept the smile on his face.

“That’s impossible. That video is fake! Why would I harm Morris Atkinson? He was the one who cheated on me in the past!” Holly retorted.

Levi got up from the couch. “Well fine, I should leave then.”

“Wait. Tell me what you want.” Holly said. “Alright. I’ll admit. I did harm him, but what about it? You’re not much better than me. You know about the truth, yet you decided to blackmail me instead of avenging your best friend. You are also a scum! What happened to you? Did the harsh reality teach you a lesson? Is that why you’re blackmailing me? To maximize the benefit you can get from me?”

Holly was under the impression that Levi was desperate because he was recently released from prison. So he needed to blackmail her for a living. Little did she know, Levi was merely toying with her.

“I’ll offer you a price. One billion!” Levi smirked.

“What? One billion? Are you crazy? Why don’t you go blackmail the Garrison family instead?” Holly was infuriated.

Levi smiled. “The Garrison family will have the ability to resolve this issue if I leak this video to the public. But what about you?”

“I…” Holly panicked. “But one billion is too much to ask from me. I cannot agree to that.”

Levi offered Holly a piece of his mind. “There are four of you inside the video and you’re telling me one billion is too much to ask for? I’ll give you one day to collect the money. I will release this video to the public if I do not see the money by tomorrow morning. I shall take my leave then.”

Levi got up and left the office with Azure Dragon.


Holly collapsed onto the sofa in despair. It’s impossible for me to collect one billion even with my status as Star Entertainment’s president. Frankly speaking, it is already a difficult task for me to gather two hundred and fifty million even if we distribute the amount evenly among the four of us. ”This isn’t going to work. I have to discuss with all of them!”

Holly dialed a few numbers swiftly after. The numbers belonged to the few people who stood beside her in the video, Philip, Kit, and Misty.

The three of them were acquainted with Morris through Holly. They became his closest friends, second only to Levi Garrison. But they betrayed him in the end.

The trio arrived at Holly’s office before long.

They were presidents in their respective companies now, with high net worth.

Holly described everything that happened inside the office earlier to them.

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