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Chapter 79

Levi and Azure Dragon arrived at a manor afterward. It was the place Azure Dragon and the others were staying in.

“The four women are all here, Sir.” Azure Dragon whispered.

“Alright. Bring them in.” Levi ordered.

He scanned through the women’s profile on the couch. These women are executives in large corporations nominally. But they are, in fact, professional mistresses. Their profession requires them to seduce influential and highly-ranked figures and become their mistresses.

Once they’ve successfully established that status, they will deliberately leave pieces of evidence to spread the news of their infidelity and indirectly ruin these influential figures’ reputations. Morris’ case is a perfect example.

All of them tried to get close to him before his death. They purposefully allowed the paparazzi to capture photos of them together. After the fake news was released, the pictures of them entering hotels as a couple became solid evidence to back their identity as Morris’ mistresses. This is their job description, and they are usually paid handsomely after completing their tasks.

The four women entered the room after a short while.

Their appearance, demeanor, and temperament were completely different from the girls in nightclubs. They gave off an aura of that of a woman with professional career.

All of them eyed Levi arrogantly.

Levi compared their faces according to their profiles in his hand. “Nicole, Gina, Tasha, and Sasha.”

“Who are you? Why did you bring us here?” Nicole and the others glared at Levi.

“Perhaps all of you can no longer recognize me. Let me introduce myself. I am Levi Garrison.”

“What? Levi Garrison?” All four women’s faces fell when they heard that.

“Don’t be nervous. I am only here to clarify something with you. What happened to my best friend, Morris Atkinson, six years ago…”

They were startled as Levi raised his tone on purpose.

“I will let all of you leave unharmed if you confess the truth.” Levi stared at them.

Nicole and the other girls exchanged glances before they responded. “What? Everything about him was reported in the news, and that was the truth! He brought that on himself. What do we have to do with that matter? Let us go immediately. Otherwise, you will face the repercussions.”

Levi smiled. “But your professions are clearly stated here on your profile. See?”

“You’re slandering us! We did not do that! Morris Atkinson lied to us. Moreover, what’s wrong with us staying with him if he’s single? That useless piece of shit brought that on himself! We’ve got nothing to do with his death.”

“That’s right. Let us go now. Otherwise, you will receive a similar fate, Levi Garrison!” Nicole and the others threatened him. They were not afraid of Levi because they had someone supporting them.

“So, you’re not confessing?” Levi asked.

“We’re not telling you anything. There’s nothing to tell anyway.” Nicole said in a pompous manner.


Levi did not speak further. He placed a gun and a few bullets on the tabletop.

All the colors drained from all four women’s faces simultaneously.

“Do bear in mind that I have limited patience.” Levi stared at them coldly.

Nicole crossed her arms in front of her chest and sneered. “You’re not scaring anyone now. What are you going to do? Kill us?” We have a powerful figure backing us. Does he think we are some immature young girls? We know he’s just trying to intimidate us. So there’s no reason to be afraid at all.

Levi kept quiet. He disassembled a bullet and poured the gunpowder on the tabletop. Then he lit the gun powder with a match.


Burning flame erupted as the heat washed over the women.

“Argh!” They stepped backward startlingly because they were afraid of getting burned.

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