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Chapter 78

Levi scoffed. “What do I need your life for? I only need the video!”

“I will give you the video, Sir! I will give you anything you want!” Francis was scared out of his wits.

“I’ll pay you five as promised.” Levi said.

Azure Dragon took out the money from his pocket and tossed it in Francis’s face.

“You don’t have to pay me, Sir…” Francis forced a hideous smile.

“Just take it…” Levi raised his tone.

Francis kept the five in his pocket obediently and swiftly handed the USB containing the video to Levi.

“Play it.”

Francis hurriedly played the video on the screen after receiving the order.

Soon, a footage was shown on the screen. The background was the rooftop of Levi Group’s building.

A lot of people were there, and they were divided into 3 parties.

Morris Atkinson was by himself. The other party was the Garrison family. Namely Bryan, Victoria, Ashton, Lionel, and Tammy. While the last party consists of a few youngsters, including Philip Hardy, Kit Page, Misty Dennis, and Holly Nelson.

Those youngsters were Morris’ close friends. Holly Nelson was Morris’ love interest as he had been pursuing her.

In the past, Holly promised to become Morris’ girlfriend officially after Levi’s wedding. He was his groomsman while she was Zoey’s bridesmaid.

The rest of the video was easy to comprehend.

The Garrison family threatened Morris to jump off the building. Otherwise, they would kill Holly and the others. They also mentioned about harming Mr. and Mrs. Atkinsons.

Morris had no other choice but to fulfill their wish in order to protect his parents, lover, and friends.

But Holly and the three other people smiled cheerfully after Morris leaped off the rooftop.

I see. So they conspired with the Garrison family since the very beginning to force Morris to jump off the building. The Garrison family easily took control of Levi Group once Morris was gone. Levi grimaced after he finished the video. The temperature inside the room seemed to have dropped below freezing point.

Francis could not help but shuddered. This man in front of me is too scary. His wrath will bring countless deaths…

“Let me explain to you, Sir… Holly Nelson and the others joined forces with the Garrison family to set Mr. Morris up. After his death, Holly Nelson received benefits from the Garrison family. She is now the president of Star Entertainment.

Mr. Morris’ close friends received promotions as well. They now managed a company of their own, respectively. They are responsible for Mr. Morris’ defamation and they are the ones that leaked the falsified information about him to the public.” Francis offered.


Francis stared in horror as Levi crushed the wine glass in his hands as it shattered into pieces. “All of them must die!” The words slipped through Levi’s gritted teeth.

Francis’s legs wobbled. He fell onto the ground on his knees.

“Let’s go. We are visiting Holly Nelson tomorrow!” Levi ordered. Then he exited the place with Azure Dragon.

Francis knelt on the floor for a long time even after the both of them had left. His body was drenched in cold sweat. I agreed to Jack Smith’s request when he contacted me 2 days ago.

He wanted me to tag along to Morris Atkinson’s grave to intimidate Nueve and Levi Garrison. I will not accept that request now, even if I have a thousand lives to spare.

Levi Garrison is the legendary God of War! Now I understand why the only piece of information I could obtain about Levi Garrison during his imprisonment was that he went to the same prison as Nueve. That’s because he left the prison a long time ago. His profile is now classified and protected by the army!

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