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Chapter 77

“I’ve spent millions to nurture each of these bodyguards and spend over ten million on them every year.” Francis roared in Levi’s direction. “Who are you to compete with me? Do you think you can fight against me with Nueve’s support? What a joke!”

Based on Azure Dragon’s investigation, Francis Hicks is telling the truth. No one in North Hampton dares to lay a finger on him, despite being just an owner of a private investigator agency. His bodyguards do overpower the underworld forces in this city. ”Are you done blabbering?” Levi asked casually.

“Get them!” Francis commanded in rage.

But at that moment, they saw Azure Dragon slowly removing his clothes beside Levi.


Everyone was stunned after Azure Dragon removed his singlet.

What they saw was a staggering amount of horrible scars covering every inch of his skin.

The bodyguards were war veterans. So they were aware of the cause of the scars. Most are bullet wounds. Some are scars left behind from flying shrapnel and the corroded areas of the skin are caused by chemical weapons…

Even people who experienced the battlefield like them could not imagine a person sustaining so many injuries that left so many scars on their bodies. These wounds are only present on those godlike beings on warzones. They must have participated in thousands of wars to accumulate those scars.

The bodyguards were certain that Azure Dragon was a soldier as well. A legendary soldier nonetheless!

Francis was caught in perplexity when he noticed the terrified expressions on his bodyguards’ faces. But he yelled at the same time. “What are you doing? Are you afraid? You’re frightened by the sight of a few scars? Take him down, and I will reward the person who did it with a million!”

Finally, one of the bodyguards rushed forward with his bayonet after the order was given.


Azure Dragon kicked that bodyguard and sent him flying backward. He crashed against the wall and remained on the ground with his body twitching.

“Gang up on him!”

All of the bodyguards closed in on Azure Dragon simultaneously.

Thump thump thump…


Wails of pain reverberated inside the room. A few moments later, only Azure Dragon and Francis remained standing inside the meeting room while Levi sat unmoving on the couch.

All forty bodyguards were lying on the ground, covered in their own blood. The scene was a grotesque sight to behold.

Francis was petrified. He scanned his surroundings in utter disbelief.

“The King of War from the Five Great Wars Regiment of Erudia, Azure Dragon…”

“And the God of War of Erudia…”

The mercenaries lying on the ground finally recognized Levi and Azure Dragon since they once crossed paths with each other on the battlefield.

The God of War’s legendary achievements was spread throughout all warzones and battlefields for an extended period of time.

The mercenaries worshipped Levi as their God whenever they go to war. Placing faith in the God of War provides us with hope!

Now, the bodyguards were kneeling before Levi, worshipping him after recognizing him for who he was. “God… God of War… the legendary God of War…”

Mr. Secrets profession was to collect intelligence and exclusive information. So he knew about the God of War’s arrival in North Hampton. Francis was even in the know of many details compared to others.

He grasped the situation immediately after listening to his bodyguards. They are the God of War and Azure Dragon in person!

“Can we discuss the price now?” Levi swirled the wine in his glass around.


Francis groveled at Levi’s feet and begged for mercy frantically. “It’s my fault for failing to recognize the almighty God of War. Please spare my life! I beg you…”

Thump thump thump…

Francis slammed his forehead against the floor continuously to express his sincerity.

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