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Chapter 75

I know the Garrison family orchestrated Morris’ death. But I want to know every single detail. The process of how they drove him to jump off the building, everyone involved in the process, as well as every turn of events. I must be informed clearly of all these elements!

Queen Private Investigator Agency was unexpectedly located in a luxurious manor.

Levi would not have believed that place to be a private investigator agency if he wasn’t made aware of it in the first place.

Once they reached the entrance, the security guards requested them to get out of the car and undergo a thorough security check before they could enter the manor.

Azure Dragon whispered. “Sir, I did not reveal our identities.”

Levi nodded. “Okay.”

Levi seized the opportunity to size up his surroundings. This alloy door is custom-made. I think it’s bulletproof. These guards are clearly seasoned men. They are unusually calm and collected. I can even sense their menacing aura. Perhaps they are veterans from the battlefield.

The guards searched their bodies while wearing a pair of white gloves.

They allowed Levi and Azure Dragon to enter only after an exhaustive search.

A designated guide led them through a special tunnel after they entered the manor.

Both of them arrived at a meeting room after some time.

A middle-aged man with neatly combed hair sat on a leather sofa. He held a glass of red wine in his left hand and a cigar in his right.

Behind him stood six men clad in suits. Their demeanor and presence revealed their competency in combat. Nueve’s men were incomparable to these professional bodyguards. Moreover, they were evidently mercenaries judging from their varied skin complexion.

“Sir, he is the boss of Queen Private Investigator Agency, Francis Hicks, also known as Mr. Secrets. A lot of wealthy people and celebrities fear him the most.” Azure Dragon explained.

Francis puffed on his cigar. “Levi Garrison? You’re finally released from prison. It is quite a feat for you to be acquainted with Nueve.”

Levi and Azure Dragon merely stared at him. I guess he is not just an Average Joe to be able to obtain that information. But of course, I revealed that piece of information myself. My database is highly confidential and classified. There is only one person in Erudia who has the right to access my database.

Levi smiled. “I assume you are aware of my intention here?”

“Of course! You want the video of Morris Atkinson’s death.” Francis returned the smile.

“What is your condition then?” Levi asked.

“Wonderful! I like dealing with straightforward people like you!” Francis placed down his wine glass and raised his hand. “Five hundred million, and the video is yours.”

Azure Dragon gasped. It seems to me this Mr. Secrets is a greedy man.

“Five hundred million? That’s a little expensive.” Levi replied nonchalantly.

“Ah, you should know that I risked my precious life to take that video! We are talking about the powerful Garrison family, after all. They can easily annihilate me at any time. This video affects too many parties, aside from the Garrison family. A lot of influential forces will be hunting me if I hand this video to you. So five hundred million is a fair amount.” Francis complained.

What he did not know was that he had revealed a piece of information unwittingly. There are other parties involved in Morris’ death aside from the Garrison family. Levi leaned closer while maintaining eye contact with Francis. “Aren’t you afraid I will seek revenge against you?”

Tap, tap, tap…

The bodyguards behind Francis moved in at once as they glared at Levi.

I can cripple Levi Garrison with a single command if I want. Francis puffed on his cigar again and sneered. “I know Nueve’s power is almost comparable to Jack Jr., but he is just a mere thug at the end of the day. I do not take him seriously, much less you!”

Francis was a confident man. He could not care less about Nueve.

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