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Chapter 70

Vernon Tate breathed a sigh of relief. He sized up Levi mockingly. “So, your friend is jobless, Chloe? I do have a security guard position available in my company. I’ll offer him six thousand a month because he’s your friend. His physique is perfect for the job. What do you say?”

Levi ignored him. He apologized to Chloe. “I’m sorry to have interrupted your blind date.”

Chloe shook her head. “That’s alright. Did something happen?”

“I am buying a house for an uncle and aunt of mine. So I came to you.” Levi said.

“Oh. I see. I didn’t know you have an uncle and aunt looking for a house? Hehe…”

Vernon and Larry sneered. A house? I guess Levi can at most afford the tiniest apartment in this city. Any place over two million will be impossible in his case.

From Theodore and Suzy’s perspective, they thought Levi was looking for Chloe because he wanted a special offer. Chloe is a manager, so she has the authority to give out special discounts. There has been plenty of people looking for her to buy a house in the last few years because of this reason alone. Those people can save up to a few hundred thousand at times because of Chloe. Levi must be here for the special offer.

“I understand now. You’re not satisfied with just Bayview Garden, I suppose?” Chloe was an experienced sales agent. She figured out Levi’s intention after listening to him. He’s looking for a villa. Otherwise, he could’ve directly purchased a house at the Bayview Garden Real Estate Agency.

“Yes.” Levi nodded.

“I do have a few properties that might interest you. I’ll bring you to our company now.” Chloe then turned to look at the people seated around the table. “Uncle Larry, aunt, I’ll be back soon. I have to handle this matter now.”

Larry got up from his seat and suggested with a smile. “Why don’t we accompany you? We can take a look at your workplace as well. What do you say?”

“Let us join you, Chloe.” Vernon sounded excited. Then he glanced at Levi tauntingly.

Chloe did not agree to their request immediately. Instead, she turned to look at Levi as a gesture to seek his opinion.

Levi nodded. “Sure. Let’s go together.”

“Alright. We’ll go together then.”

Vernon paid for the bill before exiting the restaurant.

He said nonchalantly with the receipt in his hand. “A meal for six people that costs less than five thousand. This is cheap.”

Theodore added cheerfully. “You must have luxurious meals even on normal days to consider this as a cheap meal, Vernon.”

Vernon glanced at Levi before he replied. “Indeed. I spend at least two thousand for every meal because of my work.”

Chloe’s parents could not be fonder of Vernon.

Chloe said to Levi when they arrived at the underground parking lot. “I’ll fetch you there.”

“Okay. No problem. You are more familiar with the destination anyway.”

In the end, Chloe fetched her parents and Levi, while Vernon brought his parents as they headed towards their destination.

They were almost at the suburbs after driving continuously for over an hour.

Vernon and his father scoffed. “We’re almost at the suburbs now. I’m afraid he’s going to buy a house in the village.”

Vernon’s mother added. “He should consider himself lucky to be able to afford a house.”

But half an hour later, Chloe’s car came to a halt in front of a villa area.

“Why are we here, Chloe? I thought your friend is going to buy a house?” Vernon asked curiously after getting out of his car.

Chloe looked at him in astonishment. “We are here to buy a villa!”

Silence filled the air following Chloe’s explanation.

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