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Chapter 69

The next day.

Levi contacted Chloe, but all he could hear was her mumbling through the speaker as if she was occupied.

“Tell me your location. I’ll come find you.” Levi said impatiently.

“I’m at North Hampton city center’s Sue’s Western Cuisine Restaurant.” Chloe informed Levi of her whereabouts.

Levi drove his car towards the aforementioned restaurant immediately.

Meanwhile, in Sue’s Western Cuisine Restaurant.

Chloe sat at a table awkwardly.

A middle-aged couple sat beside her. They were her parents, Theodore Macy and Suzy Shorts.

A young man and another middle-aged couple sat opposite them.

Chloe’s parents had forced her to attend a blind date. She was closing in on her 30s, after all. So it was understandable why her parents are starting to get anxious. The young man seated opposite her was Vernon Tate. He has a net worth of over ten million, and owned five properties across North Hampton.

Vernon Tate was determined to get what he wanted for the blind date today.

Although Chloe was an excellent woman, Vernon was certain that he was still better than her. His parents shared the same sentiment, which explained their relatively arrogant attitude during the meeting.

Theodore Macy and Suzy Shorts were satisfied with Vernon Tate as their potential son-in-law.

“If you do not have any objection, Theodore, let’s allow the young ones to get together.” Vernon’s father, Larry Tate, said.

“Ah? That’s great! Vernon is an outstanding young man. He’s the right man for our daughter.” Chloe’s parents were delighted.

Chloe knew Vernon was a good fit for her in every aspect. But the thought of someone flashed across her mind all of a sudden. She immediately rejected the idea. “No way. I think we still need more time to understand one another.”

“What? How much further do you need to understand one another? You’re sufficiently familiar with each other by now.” Chloe’s rejection did not amuse Larry and Vernon Tate.

“This is moving too fast. We’ve only known each other for less than a month!” Chloe steeled her resolution.

Vernon looked at Chloe surprisingly. “We can always get to know each other better after we start dating. Moreover, I think we are already familiar with one another. We are not getting younger, after all. I believe our relationship is heading towards marriage.”

Theodore, Larry and their wives nodded in agreement. “He’s right.”

At that moment, a figure arrived at the scene.

The man was none other than Levi Garrison.

He grabbed Chloe’s arm and ordered assertively. “Follow me. I need to talk to you about something.”

Everyone was dumbfounded, including Chloe.

She did not expect Levi to be in such a rush to the extent of grabbing her by force.

“Who are you? What are you doing? Let go of her!” Larry Tate was the first to regain his senses.

Theodore and Suzy eyed Levi curiously. “Who is he, Chloe? He looks a little familiar.”

Chloe answered helplessly. “He’s Levi Garrison.”

Chloe’s parents were taken aback. “What? Levi Garrison? No wonder he looks familiar. What is he doing here? Why are you still keeping contact with him?”

“We… we used to be in the same class. It’s only natural we kept in touch.” Chloe explained.

Larry Tate questioned immediately. “What is the meaning of this, Theodore? Did you arrange for Chloe to undergo two blind dates at the same time?”

Levi finally grasped the situation.

Theodore quickly clarified. “That’s not it. He’s her ex-classmate. Moreover, he’s nothing compared to Vernon. Levi is just a poor loser who’s fresh out of prison. He doesn’t even have a job.”

Larry Tate’s expression softened significantly upon hearing that. They could not help the exaggerated reaction because they sensed the odd emotions glinted in Chloe’s eyes upon Levi’s arrival.

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