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Chapter 68

“What?” Tiger and his men were caught in disbelief as they witnessed the scene unfolded in front of their eyes. Lord Nueve is so polite towards him. Who is that young man?

Everyone was dumbfounded, including the Atkinsons. They stared at Levi incredulously. I can tell these people are far more capable than Tiger based on his reaction. But even they had to pay respect to Levi.

Levi merely waved his hand. “They bullied my godfather and godmother. I’ll let you handle the rest.”

He led the old couple into the house after he spoke.

Nueve turned around slowly and smiled at Tiger and his men ominously after he received the instruction. “Beat them up. Show no mercy!”

Tiger and his subordinates almost passed out from hearing Nueve’s words.

“Rush them!”

Tiger and his gang members were helpless facing the crowd. The fighters barely warmed up themselves, but Tiger’s party was already lying on the ground.

Nueve’s men hit their opponents with batons mercilessly.

Tiger received the worst beating. Soon, he was lying in a pool of blood as his body twitched continuously.

His men received a similar fate.

Levi could not care less about the things happening outside the house because he had faith in Nueve’s competency in dealing with the men and cleaning up the mess. I am quite sure I will not see a drop of blood on the floor by the time I walk through the door.

“You are so impressive, Levi.” Rowen looked at Levi in amazement.

Levi smiled. “Be rest assured, Uncle. I have the capabilities now. I will make the entire Garrison family kneel before Morris’ grave six days later to pay the price for their terrible deeds!”

“Huh?” Rowen thought the idea was unthinkable. But he felt a tiny bit of hope after what happened earlier.

“Uncle, Aunt, I hope I can have the honor of referring the both of you as my godparents from now on. We will move out of this place tonight!”

Levi brought the Atkinsons away shortly after.

The courtyard was spotless as Levi expected. Moreover, there wasn’t a single trace of the crowd left behind in the courtyard.

Levi arranged for Rowen and his wife to stay in a five star hotel that night. He planned to purchase a new villa for them the next day.

Meanwhile, the Garrison family received Levi’s invitation.

Bryan Garrison said mockingly, “Levi has the guts to summon all of us to kneel before Morris Atkinson’s grave. He must be dreaming!”

Joseph responded nonchalantly. “Levi does not have a clue about the Garrison family’s influence, after all.”

“Haha, I can’t wait to see the desperate expression on Levi’s face six days later!” Ben and Jaycob laughed out loud.

Rick was a meticulous man so he couldn’t help but asked. “Bryan, are you absolutely sure Nueve is the man who is supporting Levi?”

Bryan reassured him. “I am certain about that, Uncle. Nueve went to clean up Morris Atkinson’s grave today and even visited his parents’ house in the village. I also heard Nueve beat up the gang leader, Tiger, who’s in charge of that area. So I’m sure Nueve is the person! There’s no mistake about this.”

Rick nodded. “That’s a weight off my chest in that case. But we should proceed with caution nonetheless.”

“Don’t worry, Rick. I’ve contacted Jack Smith earlier. He promised to come in person and bring along all his men to support us.” Joseph put on a wicked smile. “Levi Garrison, we had our ways of ruining your life six years ago. Now, we will force you to realize how easily we can muck up your life again.”

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