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Chapter 67

Tiger roared at the top of his lungs some distance away.

The other residents hurriedly shut their windows in fear. They wanted nothing to do with the mess.

The two elderlies grasped Levi’s arms as they heard Tiger’s voice.

Levi patted them. “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Tiger and his men reached the staircase swiftly, where Kirin and Azure Dragon were standing guard.

Tiger’s face turned sour when he saw Kirin and Azure Dragon’s imposing manner.

He sensed danger from the menacing aura exuding from their bodies.

“Who hit my brother?” He asked.

Tiger was furious because no one had ever dared to defy him in the village. He had always gotten his way each and every time. So it was an unprecedented scenario for his subordinate to be hit by another person. That’s the reason why he came to seek revenge in person.

Levi said with a smile. “It was me.”

“Aren’t you the daredevil? Are you Rowen’s relative? How dare you call for help to beat up my subordinate, Rowen Atkinson? I will torture you and your wife to my heart’s content!” Tiger threatened the old couple blatantly in front of Levi.

Rowen and his wife were scared out of their wits. They begged for mercy right away. “Please forgive my nephew, Mr. Tiger. I beg of you. I promise there will be no next time.”

“I can forgive him if you pay me five hundred thousand for the medical fee. I will call it even if each of them breaks one of their arms.” Tiger sneered.

“What? Five hundred thousand?” The couple of elderlies were dumbstruck with terror. “You can’t do that! They are still young. So please don’t break their arms. Please break our arms instead!” Tears streamed down Rowen’s cheeks as he begged Tiger.

“That’s not going to work! Your arms are not as worthy as theirs. Hey! Are the three of you deaf? Don’t force me to break your arms myself!” Tiger’s lips curled upward maliciously.

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

The sound of tires screeching reverberated in the alleyway as multiple cars closed in on the area.

The sound attracted Tiger and his men’s attention. They turned around to look at the source of the noise.

More than ten vans skidded to a stop.

Countless men rushed out from the vans and dashed into the courtyard.

Click. Click. Click…

The men assembled themselves around the narrow space and surrounded Tiger and his subordinates. The newcomers glared at the thugs with a baton in each of their hands.

“Mr… Mr. Tiger… I’ve counted their numbers. They have around two hundred people here, not counting the other one hundred standing outside.” A thug reported shakily.

“What? three hundred people?” Tiger and the other thugs were astounded.

They scanned the surroundings and discovered a problem. Every one of these men is huge and muscular. I can tell that they are skilled fighters because of the sinister aura they are giving off. These people are on a completely different level compared to us. Each of them can defeat five of us effortlessly.

“What’s going on here?” Tiger was trembling in fear as well.

At that moment, a smaller group of people appeared. Nueve walked in front with three other mafia bosses following closely behind him.

“Lord Nueve? And that’s Trey and two other Mafia bosses from North Hampton?” Tiger recognized the powerful men because he was an experienced thug. I am at most qualified to be Trey’s subordinate, while Nueve is certainly a figure far beyond my reach.

“What brings you here, Lord Nueve?” Tiger greeted him politely with a bow.

But Nueve completely disregarded Tiger. He walked towards the staircase and addressed Levi courteously. “Please give us your orders, Mr. Levi.”

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