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Chapter 66

His hand was stopped in mid-air as Levi caught his wrist firmly.

“Who the hell are you? Let go of me right away!” The leader of the gang threatened.


Levi punched his face forcefully. His head snapped back and blood spurted everywhere.

The thug yelped in pain.

Kirin and Azure Dragon handled the rest of the thugs.

All of them scrambled away from the scene on all fours.

The leader of the gang yelled before he fled. “Damn you, old man! How dare you call for backup. I will summon Tiger here. Just you wait!”

They then left instantly.

Mr. Atkinson and his wife closed their eyes hopelessly.

Tiger was the boss in charge of the village. He had no lesser than fifty thugs working for him. And he had the guts to do as he pleased around the area.

Tiger and his subordinates maintained a living by collecting protection fees from the villagers. Anyone who did not submit the fees or was late to hand in the money would get beaten up or even crippled at times.

Tiger was a cruel man who had his share of living behind bars. His name would invoke fear in all of the villagers.

“Thank you, young man. You should leave while you can.” Rowen said.

“Uncle, Aunt, it’s me! Levi Garrison!” Levi introduced himself passionately.

“Levi? Is it really you? This is great. It’s so good to see you after so long!” Rowen and his wife were on the verge of tears. Our dearest son, our only hope in this world, is gone. Seeing Levi now reminds us of Morris. Oh, Morris!

“Uncle, Aunt, please do not worry from now on. I will take care of you for the rest of your life in Morris’ stead. No one will ever dare to lay a finger on both of you!”

Anger surged within Levi when he noticed the bruises on the old couple’s necks. Bastards! They did not show any mercy to these elderlies!

Rowen glanced at the ground floor and said in a hurry. “Levi, you should leave immediately. They must have informed Tiger. He will be here soon.”

“He’s right. Your lives will be in danger once Tiger is here. That man is ruthless. You might even get crippled by him. Leave now while you can, my child!”

Morris’ mother nudged Levi for him to run away.

“Uncle, Aunt, what will the both of you do if I leave?” Levi asked.

“Do not worry about us. We will at most suffer a beating. Moreover, our lives aren’t valuable anymore. You should survive and return to clear Morris’ name. Avenge him!” Rowen was tear-stricken as he talked.

Levi comforted them. “Fret not. I am now strong enough to protect the both of you and avenge Morris at the same time.”

“That’s not going to work. You’ve never seen Tiger in action. He even has the courage to murder someone!”

I see. This Tiger has instilled fear in everyone’s mind upon hearing his name. Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson are trembling at the mention of Tiger. That means he must have bullied them frequently. Levi thought to himself.

“Please leave now. We do not want to trouble you with this matter!” Morris’ mother was anxious. She urged them to leave while glancing at the ground floor from time to time.

“Uncle, Aunt. Please calm down. Nothing will happen now that I’m here. I want to meet this Tiger in person as well.” Levi turned to look at Kirin. “Ask Nueve and his men to come here.”

Kirin nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

“Go. Go now! It’s dangerous for you to stay.”

“No, wait. It’s too late now. They’re already here!” Rowen said frightfully.

Over ten men, wielding batons and all kinds of weapons, entered their vision. The scary man leading the group was wearing a singlet. The tattoo of a tiger was clearly visible on his torso. “Who the hell punched my brother? Show yourself this instance!”

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