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Chapter 65

The next day.

Azure Dragon accompanied Levi to Morris Atkinson’s grave.

Morris was not buried in a proper cemetery because of the Garrison family’s interference. He was simply buried in a secluded spot in the wild. Weeds had since covered his long-unattended grave.

Perhaps this grave will no longer be distinguishable after a few more years. ”I am here to see you, my brother!” Levi said loudly. You were my first comrade-in-arms to weather the battlefield-like business world. No one will ever comprehend the bond we shared.

Levi cleared the weeds on Morris’ grave with his own hands and fixed his gravestone.

Levi took a limited-edition bottle of wine available only in the army and sat in front of his grave.

“Let’s share this quality wine today, my brother.” Levi gulped the content after he spoke.

“Azure Dragon, inform everyone in the Garrison family to pay the price for their terrible deeds here after six days.” Levi commanded.

“Understood, Sir.” Azure Dragon nodded.

“Kirin, ask Nueve to bring a few men here to fix up this grave. I cannot allow my brother’s grave to be in such a shabby condition!” Levi told Kirin.

Then he continued to drink the bottle of wine while taking a stroll down memory lane. I made a promise to Morris that I would provide him with the most luxurious Rolls-Royce during his wedding.

Levi stayed at Morris’ grave for almost an entire day.

“Let’s go and visit Morris’ parents.” Levi straightened himself.

“I’ve located his parents, Sir. They are staying in a village not far away from the city.” Azure Dragon reported.

Levi grimaced. “What? Morris’ parents worked as governmental staff in the past. They own a house in the city. So why are they staying in a village now?”

Azure Dragon hesitated briefly before he continued. “The Garrison family is behind this. They revoked his parents’ ownership of the house and their pension. So they had no other choice but to move to the village and are now barely surviving.”

Levi’s expression darkened. The Garrison family drove Morris’ parents to the brink of desperation! They would’ve been dead if not for their old age. I must destroy that wretched family!

“Let’s go! I want to visit them. I think of them as my own parents now. Anyone who dares to lay a finger on them will face certain death!” Azure Dragon and Kirin trembled fearfully as they listened to Levi’s unforgiving words. It’s been a very long time since he was so mad. I remember the last time was when he single-handedly faced the strongest battalion from those eighteen countries.

Nueve led a group of men to the spot and refurbished the grave shortly after the trio left.

Trey and all the other mafia bosses from different gangs followed Nueve. They brought no lesser than three hundred men with them. After all, it is our obligation to fulfil the task Mr. Levi gave us.

The village was not far away from North Hampton but was significantly more rural compared to the city.

The people staying in that lawless area all came from complicated backgrounds.

Homeless people and provocatively-dressed women filled the dirty alleyways.

Levi felt a heart-wrenching pain as he took in the surroundings. How can Morris’ parents live in such a place?

He finally found Morris’ parents abode in a small building with a total of thirty square meters located deep in an alleyway.

“Cough up the money now, you old fools! You’re the only family left who haven’t pay the fee!” Levi and the others heard the commotion from afar.

They realized what was happening after they entered the courtyard.

A few thugs with blonde hair were collecting protection fees from Morris’ parents.

The two of them had visibly aged from when Levi last saw them six years ago. It was obvious they had suffered greatly.

“Please give us a little more time. We will receive our subsistence allowance soon. I will make sure to pay you first by that time!” Morris’ father, Rowen Atkinson, was begging for mercy.

“Damn you! You told me the same thing last time.” The leader of the gang raised his hand to slap Mr. Atkinson.

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