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Chapter 64

Chloe wanted to send him back, but Levi rejected her offer.

Noises erupted inside the private room after Levi’s departure.

“Oh my God! What just happened? Levi Garrison is so scary.”

“The Head Secretary of North Hampton, the Captain of Patrol Squad, they were all here. You guys must be so ashamed now, attempting to hook him up with a job.”

Jed, Wayne, and the others were beyond embarrassed by that comment.

“Oh? Is this the cigarette Levi was puffing on? I’ve never seen this brand before.” Someone picked up the empty box and asked curiously.

“You’re an idiot. This is a cigarette available only for military personnel. Moreover, this must be a rare edition limited only to the high-ranking officers based on the label.”

“What’s his current status, I wonder? He’s so intimidating.”

“He’s truly an impressive man. He was a successful person six years ago. Now, his achievements are even greater than before!”

Chloe did not join in the discussion. Mixed emotions churned in her chest as she felt grateful and regretful at the same time.

Her phone rang all of a sudden. It was a call from Levi.

“Morris Atkinson did not attend the gathering today?” He asked.

Morris Atkinson was Levi’s classmate as well as his best friend. He stayed by Levi’s side throughout high school and their university years.

Morris contributed to the establishment and success of Levi Group in the past. But after Levi was tricked by the Garrison family, Matthew Green and the others betrayed him. So Levi assumed Morris to have betrayed him as well since he was the vice president.

Levi attended the reunion with the sole intention of meeting with Morris Atkinson. But he did not expect him to be missing.

“Huh? It’s only natural that Morris Atkinson won’t be able to attend.” Chloe replied, surprised by Levi’s question.

“Why not?” Levi frowned.

“He passed away, didn’t he?” Chloe reverted the question back to Levi. I even suggested everyone not to mention Morris’ name at the gathering in advance because I did not want to dampen the mood.

“Passed away?” Levi was caught in utter astonishment.

“Ah. You really don’t know? Not long after your imprisonment, the Garrison family and Levi Group confronted each other. The news of Morris jumping off a building was made aware to the public shortly after. It was said he committed suicide because he was afraid of facing the punishment for his crime.” Chloe explained.

“What? Something like that happened?” Levi asked astoundingly. I did not investigate this matter because I knew the Garrison family orchestrated everything. So I was oblivious to Morris’ death. But if that’s the case, perhaps Morris did not betray me after all. Someone must have driven him to his death. It is impossible for Morris to commit suicide out of fear of punishments!

“Alright. I understand now.” Levi hung up the phone. Then he contacted Azure Dragon to investigate the matter immediately.

Azure Dragon reported back to him after a few seconds: Morris Atkinson swore to protect Levi Group with his life. But the Garrison family set him up and forced him to jump off a building. The media falsified the news of Morris Atkinson’s embezzlement of company funds to engage in secret affairs. News reported him to have committed suicide out of fear of facing punishment.

“The Garrison family!” Levi punched a hole through the wall in anger. “I’ve misunderstood you, my brother!” Levi muttered to himself guiltily.

Zoey sensed Levi’s abnormal demeanor when he arrived home that night. She asked. “What happened to you?”

“Do you know about Morris’ death?”

Zoey was stunned. “I thought you knew all along.”

Levi elaborated. “I was only made aware of it earlier tonight.”

“Please do not act impulsively. Just let go of the past!” Zoey was afraid Levi would seek revenge against the Garrison family.

“He was my best friend! He’s dead because of me. How can you expect me to let go of this so easily? I will never forgive the Garrison family!” Levi said menacingly.

Zoey consoled him right away. “You need to calm down. Our business is still developing. We do not have the power to confront the Garrison family at the moment.”

Levi responded in an tone. “The one-month period I gave them will be up in another week. I will have them pay the price for what they did to Morris at his grave by that time!”

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