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Chapter 61

Even Chloe, who was slightly aware of Levi’s capabilities, thought he was mad. You are rich and packed with connections. But Stephan’s father is the Chief of the district council! Are you out of your mind to ask him to apologize to you? Are you seeking death?

Chloe did not expect Levi to be so full of himself.

Stephan nearly exploded with rage when he heard Levi’s words.

He stretched out his hand to slap Levi’s face. But Levi grabbed Stephan’s hand in a split second and twisted his wrist. Then he kicked at Stephan’s knee.


Stephan wailed in pain and fell heavily in front of Levi on his knees.


Levi swiftly dragged Crystal and slapped her forcefully, causing her to fall onto the floor.

The couple knelt before Levi in just a few seconds.

“What are you doing, Levi? How dare you hurt Stephan? Did you get tired of living?”

“You’re out of your mind, Levi!”

Jed and Wayne yelled and rushed forward at the same time as Levi slapped Stephan across his face.



Both men screamed blue murder.

“Stop right there!” Levi commanded.

Everyone stayed still and looked at Levi in disbelief.

Chloe was already shivering fearfully.

Levi patted Stephan’s cheek. “You better contact your father immediately and ask him to apologize to me.”

Stephan hurriedly fished out his phone and made the call. “Father, come save me. Hurry up!”

Levi snatched the phone from Stephan and said with a smile before the other party could speak. “You’re Draco Simmons, right? You better come here and apologize to me swiftly. Oh, by the way, my name is Levi Garrison!”

He’s mad! He must be nuts! Levi has now become a lunatic in everyone’s mind. He’s blatantly provoking Stephan’s father.

Malicious intent glinted in Stephan’s eyes as he smiled wickedly at Levi after the latter hung up the phone call. “You’re doomed, Levi Garrison! I will let you suffer along with Zoey and her entire family. I will never let you off the hook!”

Levi did not say a word and instead grabbed a fork and stabbed Stephan’s thigh.

“Arrghh…” A horrible and hysterical scream rang inside the private room.

Stephan wanted to threaten Levi further. But he shut his mouth obediently upon meeting with Levi’s eyes.

Everyone shared a similar thought at that moment. Levi’s as good as a piece of dead meat now.

Chloe was shocked to her core. I did not expect Levi to destroy his own life like this. No one can save him now.

She leaned closer and whispered beside Levi’s ear. “You should escape now. Run as far as you can from this place.”

Levi smiled. “Why should I? I am still waiting for my apology.”

Chloe was rendered speechless.

About twenty minutes later, rows of cars were parked outside the Royal Hotel as a horde of people rushed into the building.

Stephan was invigorated when he heard the thundering footsteps in the hallway.

Jed, Wayne, and the others were excited as well.

A group of men clad in suits and ties dashed into the room. An extraordinary air and overwhelming presence enveloped the body of the middle-aged man leading the group.

The man in lead was none other than Draco Simmons!

They hastened their footsteps after seeing Stephan and Crystal kneeling before Levi.

“Save me, father! He beat me up!” Stephan begged for his father’s assistance.

But Draco took large strides and came to a halt in front of Levi and asked him with concern, all the while ignoring his son. “Are you alright?”

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