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Chapter 59

“You might not know this, but Stephan’s father received a promotion. He’s now the Chief of the district council. So everyone must wait for him to arrive.”

“Jed’s achievements and Lina’s family background are nothing compared to Stephan’s influence.”

The statement sounded like an exaggeration, but that was the truth.

Everyone was not familiar with the concept of societal hierarchy during their university years. But now, after a few years of working in the society, they were made aware of the authority a high-ranking officer in governmental departments held, especially the Chief of a district.

The status of being the son of a district council’s chief toppled all other personal achievements in the room combined because power will always be more coveted than money.

Soon, everyone stood up when they heard voices from the hallway.

Jed was especially passionate as he was the first person to welcome Stephan.

Stephan was dressed lavishly in Armani clothes, Gucci belt, Versace shirt, Patek Philippe wristwatch… The items on his person added up to millions.

A gorgeous lady with a slender figure like that of a model followed by his side.

Her voluptuous figure and long legs that were wrapped in black stockings stunned everyone inside the room.

“You’re finally here, Stephan!” Jed welcomed Stephan with a bear hug in excitement.

“I see you’re doing well, Jed. You’re already wearing an Omega watch.” Stephan said with a smile after he saw Jed’s wristwatch.

Jed glanced at the gorgeous girl next to Stephan. “Aren’t you going to introduce the pretty lady to us, Stephan?”

“She’s just a random girl.” Stephan said nonchalantly.

Stephan did not care to establish a proper relationship as he would change partner regularly.

Wayne’s eyes gleamed. “She’s a model! I saw her on television before.”

The woman acted more arrogantly after Wayne acknowledged her fame.

Others merely looked at Stephan in envy. He can easily lay his hands on a model that we can only see on television.

Wayne shuffled forward eagerly. “Do you remember me, Stephan? I’m Wayne. I used to fight for your sake in the past…”

“Of course. You’re Wayne.” Stephan nodded.

Stephan’s affirmation made Wayne excited. He raised his voice to the others inside the room. “Stephan remembers me! Did all of you hear that?”

“Stephan, my company is currently developing a new project, requiring approval from the district council. I hope you will assist me to speed up the process.” Wayne seized the opportunity to ask for a favor.

“Sure. Consider it done.”

“Do you need a chauffeur or bodyguard, Stephan?” Wayne’s best friend, Robin, asked immediately.

Stephan joked. “I do need a watchdog.”

“No problem. I’m the right person for the job. Woof woof…” Robin mimicked the sound of a dog shamelessly. It was his lifelong dream to become Stephan’s pet.

Chloe was disgusted by the brazen demeanor of her classmates to butter up Stephan.

Stephan scanned the surroundings after he entered the room. “By the way, where is the criminal who took advantage of his sister-in-law, the pride of our class? Is he here?”

“Hahaha. Of course he’s here! He’s been blacklisted by every company in the city. He must be desperate to look for your help, Stephan.” Wayne suggested hastily.

Jed looked at Levi. “Are you looking down on Stephan? Aren’t you going to greet Stephan now that he’s here?”

Stephan said mockingly. “Oh, please don’t do that. Levi’s a famous person in the city back in the day. I am not qualified to be greeted by him. My father even mentioned him a few times and asked me to learn from him. Perhaps he could teach me a few tricks about taking advantage of helpless girls. Hahaha…”

Everyone laughed out loud as well.

Wayne glared at Levi. “What are you doing? Did you not hear what Stephan said? You should build a good rapport with Stephan, so he could help you to look for a job that pays well and tick your name off from the blacklist.”

But Levi merely sat in his chair without moving a muscle.

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