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Chapter 58

“Didn’t I tell you all that Levi will certainly cause trouble? but none of you believed me!”

“That’s right. Levi is a beast. He took advantage of his sister-in-law and almost murdered his parents!”

“His nature was clear as day from the arrogance he displayed in university!”

These were the words that were exchanged in the private room before Levi’s arrival.

Wayne and a few of his classmates were jealous of Levi’s accomplishments in the past, so they never liked him. But they did not have the opportunity to vent their resentment then. It wasn’t until now that the gathering provided them with the perfect opportunity.

“What are you doing hiding among the girls, Levi? Join us at our table and tell us everything that happened to you in prison.”


Everyone burst into laughter as they eyed Levi disdainfully.

“I heard you were jobless and stayed with your mother-in-law after you were released from prison.” Someone sneered.

“I heard every large corporation in North Hampton has blacklisted Levi, so it’s not surprising for him to be jobless even with his capabilities.” A girl added in a diminished tone.

It was at that moment did Levi found out that the companies in North Hampton had blacklisted him.

Wayne laughed. “Let me offer you a job. My company is hiring for security guard’s position. The pay is four thousand with accommodation and meals provided. You should qualify for that job with your physique!”

Chloe could no longer stand listening to their mockeries. “Stop teasing him. He’s got his own career now.”

“Career? Don’t tell me that you’re his sugar mommy now, Chloe? Both of you arrived together, after all.” Wayne spoke without filtering his thoughts.

But he quickly fell silent when he caught Jed’s eye.

“Let’s all move on to other topics of conversation.” Chloe insisted.

Everyone took their seat afterward. Levi was rooted in his seat while Chloe sat beside him.

Wayne whispered beside Jed’s ear. “Chloe is infatuated with Levi. She’s sticking up to him even in his current condition. You should try harder, Jed.”

Jed sneered. “Don’t worry. I’ll never lose to a criminal like him.”

Levi was surrounded by pretty girls. On his other side was Lina, whose beauty was second only to Chloe in their class.

Lina was a beautiful and rich girl from a wealthy family with assets over a billion. On top of her good looks, Lina was good in her studies as well.

She had always been fond of Levi and sympathized with his tragedy.

“Levi, why don’t you join my father’s company as a Technical Advisor? The basic salary is eight thousand with additional bonuses. There are plenty of opportunities to receive a promotion too.” Lina handed a name card to Levi.

“Okay. Thanks.” Levi accepted the name card because Lina offered him the position out of goodwill.

Chloe smirked beside Levi. Based on his current net worth, He should have more than enough money to purchase the company owned by Lina’s father.

The other girls on the other hand, were not as kind towards Levi as Chloe and Lina.

“We thought you would bring Zoey along with you. Where is she?”

“That’s impossible. Now that Levi’s been reduced to a sorry state, Zoey won’t tag along with him. She will not want to embarrass herself.”

“You’re absolutely right! Even I’m feeling ashamed to be referred to as Levi’s ex-classmates.”

The Levi now had become the perfect example of a man who should be avoided by all girls.

“Why aren’t we starting? Is there anyone else who’s coming?” Chloe hurriedly distracted others’ attention.

“The star for tonight’s reunion has yet to arrive!”

A thought popped into Chloe’s mind. “Don’t tell me Stephan is coming?”

“That’s right! Stephan is attending too!”

Levi remembered Stephan Simmons. His father was the director of a department in the district council. Even the headmaster had to condone Stephan’s behavior. He managed to enter one of the top universities, albeit having failed most of his examinations.

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