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Chapter 54

“This is a mistake on my part. I will tell you everything. Lopez family’s son-in-law, Samuel, contacted me! I have the chat history and receipt of the transaction. Here, take my phone!” Nueve knew that it was the information Levi wanted to know. So he informed Levi of the truth about Lopez family’s request.

Kirin handed the phone to Levi.

Levi’s face contorted with rage after he scanned through the content. The Lopez family must have gotten tired of living!

“We were only told to carry out the orders, sir! Please show mercy and forgive us.” Nueve groveled on the floor fearfully.

“I heard you all destroyed plenty of buildings here last night. So it is your responsibility to restore the constructs. I want all of you to work here starting tomorrow onwards! Moreover, you are going to compensate for the psychological trauma you inflicted on those workers. Fifty million should be sufficient.” Levi said firmly.

“Okay, okay, okay. I agree with all your requests. We do not mind slaving here!” Nueve did not have the guts to reject Levi. He considered himself lucky to escape death.

Kirin, the King of War, picked up Nueve’s knife and crumpled the piece of sharp metal into scrap effortlessly.

Nueve’s underlings were horrified by that sight. Our difference in status aside, this man can easily defeat hundreds of us without breaking a sweat.

“Let’s not wait until tomorrow. You will start working here tonight. I hope to see some results tomorrow morning. Also, the sewage system is not installed. I assume you will handle that task?” Levi added.

Everyone knew what he was implying. He’s clearly telling us to scoop up others’ wastes.

But Nueve did not dare to oppose Levi’s suggestion.

“May I know your relationship with Ms. Zoey, Sir?” Nueve summoned his courage to ask that question in his mind.

“Oh. She’s my wife.” Levi answered.

Everyone gasped as clarity washed over them.

Samuel contacted Nueve after Levi and the others left. “How’s the progress, Lord Nueve? I’m waiting to pay you the rest of the amount.”

Nueve exploded with rage as he listened to Samuel.

“F*** you, Samuel Robertson! My brothers are crippled and I almost died because of you. Mark my words, you’ll face the repercussions. I will not forgive you, just you wait!” Nueve hung up the phone afterward.

Samuel was frightened.

Harry asked. “What’s going on?”

“Nueve said his men were crippled, and he nearly died. He also mentioned that he would not forgive us!” Samuel explained helplessly.

The entire Lopez family almost wet their pants, listening to his explanation.

“This must be Levi Garrison’s doing! He’s going to get us all killed.”

“That family is evil! They are deliberately harming us. Sooner or later, we are going to meet our downfall because of them!” Harry Lopez slammed the table furiously.

“What should we do now?” Fabian asked anxiously.

“What else can we do? We are going to ask them to apologize!” Harry screamed angrily.

The next day, Zoey, Aaron, and the other workers were dumbfounded after they arrived at the construction site because there were already people working tirelessly at the site.

Many constructs that were destroyed the night before were restored.

More importantly, the people moving the bricks were covered with tattoos.

“Aren’t these people the thugs from the other night?”

Zoey recognized the men to be the thugs that caused them trouble the other night. This is unbelievable. They may not be good at building things, but these men are great labourers.

“What’s happening?” Zoey and the others were confused.

A middle-aged man dressed in all black hurried over in their direction with a bunch of subordinates following behind him at that moment.

Zoey and the others were terrified by that group of men closing in on them.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Aaron took out his truncheon.

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