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Chapter 48

Zoey’s heartfelt words were sufficient to fill Levi’s heart with contentment. I couldn’t care less about others opinions. All I want to achieve is to please Zoey.

Aaron and Caitlyn’s resentments toward Levi deepened upon hearing the whole story. “He’s just an opportunist!”

Everyone segued into the birthday banquet afterward.

Aaron and Caitlyn presented their gifts to Zoey, followed by Abigail.

Then Steve and June handed the presents they prepared as well.

Theo questioned Levi. “I suppose your gift must be invaluable too, Mr. Garrison?” I must humiliate him in front of everyone!

“That’s right. What birthday gift did you prepare for Zoey?” Caitlyn could not suppress her curiosity.

Levi smiled. “I did not bring my gift. Well, it’s more like I can’t bring the present with me.”

“So what you mean to say is that you did not prepare a present. Isn’t that right, Mr. Garrison?” Theo took out a delicate box and gifted the present to Zoey. “This is my gift for you. It’s a necklace from Cartier, the same design worn by a princess from a foreign country. I spent a lot of effort to lay my hands on this accessory.”

Caitlyn eyed the sparkling necklace. “This must have cost you a fortune, Theo?”

“Not really, Aunt. It’s about eight hundred thousand only,” said Theo with an indifferent tone.

“What? eight hundred thousand? Oh my God!” Caitlyn and the others were shocked.

“Thank you for the goodwill, Theo. As for the gift, I am not going to accept it as it’s an expensive gift.” Zoey rejected him firmly.

But Steve and the others gazed in their direction solemnly. “How can you reject Theo’s kind intention?”

Caitlyn accepted the present in Zoey’s stead immediately.

Theo looked at Levi. “This is indeed a wonderful banquet all thanks to Abigail, Mr. Garrison. You could’ve prepared a gift for Zoey though, even a cheap necklace to express your sincerity will do.”

June smiled. “It is rather inappropriate for you to come empty-handed, not to mention with your ‘special’ status.”

Aaron sighed and lowered his head shamefully.

Caitlyn was even more disgusted by Levi.

“That’s enough. We’ve been a married couple for so long, so there’s really no need to fixate on that problem.” Zoey smoothed things over in the end.

Levi and Zoey left for a stroll after the banquet ended. “I did prepare a birthday gift for you.” Levi said all of a sudden.

“What?” Zoey was surprised.

Levi took out a bunch of keys with a label. “It is time for us to have our own house and move out of your parents’ house.” Levi explained with a smile.

“What? Bayview Garden?” Zoey was astounded after she read the label on the keys because she knew of the overpriced properties in that area. Even Harry Lopez will not joke about buying a house in Bayview Garden.

“Come on. Let’s go have a look.” Levi brought Zoey to Bayview Garden.

“Oh my God. What did you do?” Zoey was losing her mind.

“Don’t worry. I rented the house. What do you say if I’ll have you pay the monthly rent?” Levi joked.

But he did not expect Zoey to believe in that joke. In her opinion, Levi certainly could not afford that house. He must’ve rented this place. But I’m touched, nonetheless.

“I’ll pay for the rent.” Zoey said in a rush.

Zoey had a wonderful night. She was smiling even in her sleep.

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