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Chapter 47

Everyone entered the elevator to go to the 88th floor.

Zoey could feel her heart pounding heavily and restlessly against her chest as the elevator arrived on the 88th floor.

But the next moment, everyone was showered with pieces of colorful glittery papers the moment they stepped out of the elevator.

“Happy birthday to you…” The birthday song was heard. Unexpectedly, it was a professional band performing the song.

Zoey looked up and saw the entire restaurant was decorated with huge pictures of herself. Every picture was a dear memory of the time she spent with Levi.

The venue was decorated lavishly with flowers. A sparkling chandelier illuminated the floor with a warm glow.

In the middle of the restaurant was a large, multi-tiered cake placed on top of a cart.

“North Hampton City Center Revolving Restaurant wishes you a happy birthday, Ms. Zoey! You are the first and only person to have a birthday banquet here. So we dedicated a souvenir for you to remember this day.”

The restaurant manager handed a present to Zoey.

At that moment, tears were already streaming down her cheeks.

How touching! This is the best birthday celebration a girl can hope for! Abigail looked at Zoey in envy.

On the other hand, Theo and the rest were stupefied.

“Let’s go further into the restaurant, Zoey.” Levi held Zoey’s hand and led her towards the cake placed in the middle of the room.

Levi gave a signal with a click of his fingers just as Zoey was caught in perplexity.

A series of noises was heard.

Fireworks were seen outside the windows swiftly after.

Volleys of fireworks were launched upward to the sky, and the people inside the revolving restaurant would get a perfect view of the mesmerizing scenery.

The fireworks were of the best quality as they lasted longer and covered a large area of the sky with dazzling sparks.

In the end, two large and colorful words embellished the sky. Happy Birthday!

Everyone in North Hampton was captivated by the breathtaking show of fireworks that filled the night sky at that moment.

Clarity washed over Zoey. All these arrangements are dedicated to me.

Finally, Levi grasped Zoey’s hands. “Zoey, I promise to protect and cherish you for the rest of my life.”

“I will stay by your side for the rest of my life too.” Zoey hugged Levi tightly.

Aaron and Caitlyn were touched by that scene. Levi really hosted a spectacular birthday banquet for Zoey in this place.

All the colors drained from Theo and his parents’ faces. I’ve made a thorough preparation for Zoey at Kempinski Hotel. But all my effort is completely insignificant compared to Levi’s arrangements.

Steve’s face darkened. His only desire was to leave the place immediately.

The birthday banquet lasted through the night.

Theo, unsettled by the unexpected outcome, began investigating the matter. I do not believe Levi has the ability to book the entire restaurant!

Looking into the matter was effortless with Nash Family’s influence.

Theo suddenly laughed after a few minutes. “Haha. Now I know what’s going on. The young master of this restaurant is Abigail’s senior. Moreover, he’s been pursuing her. I finally understood how Mr. Garrison managed to reserve this place. So it’s all because of Abigail.”

Everyone shifted their gazes onto Abigail, including Zoey.

Abigail nodded. “Yes. This restaurant belongs to my senior’s family. But now…”

Theo interrupted Abigail before she could finish her explanation. “I see. We understand everything now, Abigail. But I can see Mr. Garrison did place the effort to decorate this venue.”

Theo’s superficial compliments were actually an attempt to mock Levi.

They gave all the credits to Abigail for the successful birthday banquet because they thought Levi would never be able to reserve the restaurant without her help.

But Zoey did not let go of Levi’s hands. “I am moved by your efforts no matter what.”

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