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Chapter 44

Zoey recognized the man as the door swung open. He’s the son of one of father’s friends. I heard he went to live abroad.

“You’re getting younger by the day, Uncle and Aunt! Here’s some gifts I brought from overseas.” Theo greeted politely.

He gifted Aaron with a few luxurious bottles of wine and Caitlyn with some expensive makeup products.

Aaron and Caitlyn were delighted to receive the lavish gifts from abroad. These presents will become a great topic of conversation with our friends and families. Levi is truly a useless son-in-law in comparison. He has never provided our family with anything useful.

“You’re as pretty as ever, Zoey!” Theo leaned closer to kiss Zoey’s cheeks as he complimented her. But she tilted away to avoid him instinctively.

Levi stood in between Zoey and Theo. “I’m sorry, we do not practice this form of greeting here!”

Theo ignored Levi and said to Zoey with a smile. “Happy birthday, Zoey! You will like the surprise I’ve arranged for you tonight!”

Zoey nodded. “Ah? Thank you!”

Theo shifted his gaze onto her parents. “Uncle and Aunt, my parents will be attending the birthday banquet tonight as well.”

“Oh? Really? That’s great!”

Aaron and Caitlyn were excited to learn that news. We rarely keep contact with our old friends since our family’s downfall, especially Theo’s parents. They are both influential figures in government departments. His father, Steve Nash, is a high-ranking and powerful officer in the Department of Commerce, while his mother, June Webb, holds a leadership position in the Department of Education. With Theo’s family background, he is the perfect son-in-law candidate for everyone. Any girl will be considered lucky to marry him. We had the idea to pair him and Zoey up, but Steve did not want to establish any connection with our family previously. This is a golden opportunity to build a good rapport with Steve and June since they are willing to attend the birthday banquet later.

The thought invigorated Aaron. The best outcome will be for Theo and Zoey to become a couple.

Aaron and Caitlyn exchanged glances to express similar thoughts in their minds. This desired outcome will be rendered impossible with Levi’s existence. Let’s hope Zoey will think wisely for herself. We can tell Theo is interested in Zoey judging from the effort he’s putting in to celebrate her birthday.

Theo and Zoey’s parents chatted while Levi, Zoey, and Abigail sat beside them without saying a word.

“I’ve started a business overseas, and the prospect of the company is bright…” Theo began to describe his experiences overseas.

Aaron grinned. “You don’t really have to do anything on your own either, Theo. You are sufficiently excellent with your parents’ support.”

Before long, a Passat arrived.

Aaron and his family went to welcome the visitors at the door.

A couple got out of the car. They were Theo’s parents.

Steve was dressed formally with his hands behind his back. He appeared to be competent and gave off a stern vibe from the look of his neatly-combed hair.

Standing beside him, June wore a relatively casual outfit. But her outstanding temperament from years of working experience in the governmental department was clear to see.

“Welcome, Steve, June.” Aaron greeted them passionately.


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