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Chapter 43

What’s going on with him? I know Zoey is not doing well now. That means he relied on himself to afford this house. He is still as successful as before. Perhaps he rebuilt his empire since he was released from prison. From my experience, I can tell his net worth is at least over a billion at the moment. His current status is surely comparable to six years ago!

Chloe felt as if Levi was emitting a holy glow.

She regretted her behavior earlier. If I did not act that way, perhaps there might be a chance for us to be together. At the very least, I know I am prettier than Zoey.

The purchase contract was printed swiftly.

Levi pondered shortly before signing the agreement. “I’m only staying in this house temporarily because the villa will be completed soon. Let’s do this instead. You should sign this contract!”

Levi looked at Abigail.

Abigail was astonished.

She signed the papers in a daze. So Levi actually bought the house for me.

Chloe, Mary, and the others were losing their minds. He casually bought a fifty million house for his sister-in-law… How rich is this man?

That transaction attracted the attention of Bayview Garden’s boss as well. He hurried over and treated Levi like an honored guest.

Chloe received a whopping commission of one and a half million from that sale alone.

Although she achieved her largest sale thus far, Chloe felt extremely bitter in her heart. I can’t believe I missed out on the opportunity to enjoy ten or a hundred billion.

Mr. Wesley, the boss of Bayview Garden handed his name card to Levi. “It is my pleasure to be acquainted with you, Mr. Garrison…”

“Forget about that. You should fire that woman!” Levi looked at Mary. I need to teach her a lesson for looking down on others.

Mary broke down into tears, sprawling on the floor. But her fate had been sealed.

All the employees at Bayview Garden lined up to send Levi and Abigail off in the end.

He turned around and glanced at Chloe with a smile. “Don’t worry. I will attend the reunion.”

“Okay.” Chloe’s mood worsened to the brink of despair. Did I just give up a man with a net worth of over ten billion?

Abigail looked at Levi with admiration glinted in her eyes. “Does that mean I have a house now, Levi?”

“I am staying in that house with your sister for now!” Levi corrected her.

“Then I can stay there too.” Abigail wanted to move out of the dormitory to stay in that house because she wanted to see Levi every day.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye as Zoey’s birthday arrived.

Everyone paused their work to celebrate her birthday together.

Before Levi could inform Zoey about his dinner reservation at North Hampton city center’s revolving restaurant, Caitlyn said first, “Someone arranged a birthday banquet for you, Zoey. You will receive a huge surprise soon!”

Aaron agreed with a smile. “She’s right. The banquet will be held at Kempinski Hotel!”

Sensing her parents’ mysterious behavior, Zoey said, “Kempinski? That place is very expensive. A meal alone costs over ten thousand! I do not need an extravagant birthday party!”

Aaron explained. “We’re not the ones that made the arrangements, Zoey. Someone took the initiative. Moreover, we are talking about Kempinski Hotel’s most luxurious meal. A table reservation amounts to over a hundred thousand.”

Zoey looked at Levi subconsciously upon hearing that.

Caitlyn snorted coldly. “Don’t worry, that person is definitely not him! He’s not capable of even hosting a birthday party for you!”

Levi stopped Abigail as she was about to spill the truth about that revolving restaurant’s reservation.

A Mercedes-Benz G came to a halt outside Zoey’s house shortly after.

A man wearing a white suit with a bouquet of fresh flowers in his hand strode towards the door.

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