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Chapter 36

“Stop it, or I’ll tell Zoey.” Levi warned, without showing the slightest interest in her.

“Hmph! What a boring guy!”

Abigail slid back to her seat with disdain.

They had come to a building known as North Hampton Center. It was the most bustling and iconic building of North Hampton.

A revolving restaurant sat at the highest level of the North Hampton Center. It was one of the most lavish restaurants in North Hampton, known for its Michelin three-star chefs and its outrageous price tag.

A simple meal would cost easily over a hundred thousand, and it was not available for walk-in patrons.

Anyone who wished to dine in the restaurant would have to make a reservation one month in advance with a deposit of fifty thousand.

The seats would always be snapped up in less than a minute every time they open for reservations on their official website.

It would take more than just mere cash to get a seat in the restaurant.

Those who dined here were mostly wealthy businessmen and famous superstars.

If one was lucky enough to grab a reservation, the restaurant would send a gold-plated dining card.

It was regarded as a symbol of status if one could get to dine in the restaurant.

“Why did you take me here to North Hampton Center, Levi? I know you can’t be here to look for some necklaces for Zoey’s birthday?” Abigail tossed her head and asked, “Are you looking to make a reservation at the revolving restaurant?”

“You are one smart girl!” Levi complimented her with a smile.

“I know you’re not the kind of guy who’d go for the same boring stuff like necklaces.” Abigail winked at Levi, “Why not turn it into something romantic and special instead?”

However, she turned cautious all of a sudden, “But do you know this restaurant would only accept reservations one month in advance? Besides, they require you to pay fifty thousand as a deposit.”

“Oh, really? I didn’t know they had such rules?” Levi was surprised.

He only knew that it was a famous restaurant, and nothing else.

Not to mention those quirky rules.

“I know their rules because the owner of this restaurant is the father of my classmate. He has asked me here a few times before.” Abigail explained.

“I see.” Levi nodded.

“But I didn’t accept his invitation, Levi.” Abigail was worried Levi might jump to conclusion, “I’m not those who would give themselves away just because some guy takes them to some nice posh restaurant.”

“Why are you giving me an explanation?” Levi frowned.

“Hurry, we need to get to the restaurant now, I don’t care what rules they have.”

Levi and Abigail made their way into North Hampton Center.

The revolving restaurant was at level eighty eight of the building.

Eight servers were standing at the entrance as soon as Levi and Abigail showed up at the restaurant.

“Do you mind showing us your dining card?”

The servers were under the impression that Levi and Abigail were here to dine at the restaurant.

“No.” Levi shook his head, “We’re here to make a reservation. I’m looking to reserve the whole restaurant on the 3rd, that’s the day after tomorrow!”

Abigail was in some kind of a bewitched state as she gazed at Levi.

What a bold statement to make! To reserve the whole restaurant?

“I’m sorry, sir. Perhaps you are not aware of our rules here!” The server explained patiently, “We’d only accept reservations on our official website one month in advance, or you’re not allowed into our restaurant!”

“Didn’t you hear what I’ve just said?” Levi lighted up a cigarette, “I said I’m going to reserve the whole restaurant the day after tomorrow!”

Levi’s cigarettes were war zone cigarettes. They were a peculiar kind of cigarettes with a strong tobacco scent.

Just one puff was enough to suffuse the air in the entire restaurant with its weedy smell, which many of them had mistaken it to be from some cheap tobacco brands.

Not to mention the way Levi was dressed in today was anything but lavish.

The servers gave him a despised look, “This place is not for you to mess around with. Do you know how much it would take to reserve the whole restaurant? It would cost more than all the money you could make in your entire life!”

“That’s right! Get out of here! This is not the place for paupers like you! All of our guests are wealthy and famous people. What makes you think you can compare yourself to them?”

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