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Chapter 33

The thud came as a bombshell to everyone when they saw Trey went down on his knees.

Beck was slacked jawed with surprise.

The same goes for Abigail, and everyone else in the room, who reacted with a blank expression on their faces.

The room had become so quiet that they could even hear a pin drop.

Levi lit a cigarette and took a deep puff. The smoke he blew out encircled Trey like a ghostly chain.

“I remember you…”

Levi said nonchalantly.

Trey gave a sad grin when he heard this. I’m done now, this would only spell disaster now that I’m in the bad books of Levi.

Unaware of Levi’s actual identity, Beck was still trying to stamp his authority, “How dare you puff your smoke at Trey? You must be sick of living!”

“Shut up!” Trey stood up and shoved Beck a few meters away with a kick. “Get down on your knees now, all of you!” he blasted at his men.

Dozens of Trey and Beck’s men fell to their knees, successively like a pack of dominoes.

Beck joined them and went down on his knees, even though he hardly had a clue of what was happening.

Everyone was in a guessing frenzy about Levi’s true identity.

They wondered who could command such an authority that scared the hell out of a powerful thug like Trey and made him kneel before him like a high-strung cat.

Yannick knew better than everyone that Trey and Beck were not somebody you would mess around with, given their notoriety on the streets.

That brother-in-law of Abigail must be someone with supreme dominance to make them go down on their knees.

He felt it more profoundly than everyone in the room.

Abigail’s impression of Levi had taken a complete 180. She no longer looked at him with detest, but with curiosity and adulation.

In her eyes, Levi now seemed to carry a halo of valiance above his head.

Even the way he smoked enchanted her.

The rest of the girls were equally charmed by Levi, whose machismo and charisma were acutely absent in their male classmates.

His bravery in such a situation fueled their admiration to the fullest.

“So this would be the second time that we’ve met?” Levi asked.

“Yes… Yes… Yes…”Trey pressed his face to the floor as he replied. He was too afraid to look into Levi’s eyes.

His whole body was shaking uncontrollably and there was a large urine stain on his pants. He had just wet himself.

“So what should we do about it?” Levi puffed, his cigarette smoke curled into a circle.

“Please feel free to punish us in any way you deemed fit, Sir…”

Trey felt only complete and utter despair at that moment.

“Each of you will leave two fingers behind, that’s it.” Levi said in a desultory fashion, “There are too many young ones present. I don’t want to show them my wrath.”

The students were just young punks in the eyes of Levi.

“Yes… Yes… Whatever you say…”

Trey was thrilled when he heard Levi’s punishment, it was much lenient than he had anticipated. He picked up the blade and chopped off two of his fingers under the watching eyes of everyone…

Many of the students nearly fainted at the swiftness and brutality of his action, as if they were watching an execution.

Soon the other thugs followed suit to chop off their fingers…

The scene would certainly leave its indelible mark on the minds of Abigail, Yannick and the rest of their classmates.

The harrowing experience would haunt them when they recall the horrifying screams that had seeped into their heads, insidiously like tea from a tea bag.

“Let’s go!”

Levi stood up from the sofa after he had finished his cigarette and grabbed Abigail by her arm to get out of the VIP room.

Yannick and the rest of them hurriedly followed Levi out of the room. They couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Beck, now left with eight fingers, asked in a trembling voice, “Who’s that guy, Trey?”

“He’s somebody you could never afford to mess around with in North Hampton!” Trey breathed deeply and said it with the certitude of a true believer.

Outside the KTV, Yannick was back to his boastful self again, “Are you alright, Abigail? I was just getting ready to throw everything at them if they dare to touch you!”

Abigail scoffed at his words. She could still vividly recall the timid look on Yannick’s face when he was so freaked out that he’d almost peed in his pants.

You are nothing but a coward compared to my brother-in-law.

“I’m fine.” she answered impatiently.

“Why don’t you let me send you home? I’d really like for you to check out my new car today, it’s a BMW x5!” Yannick suggested while he gave the car remote in his hands a click.

A car near them lighted up and gave off a buzzing sound. It was a brand new BMW x5.

All their classmates could barely conceal the envious looks in their eyes.

It would be any student’s dream to drive a brand new, powerful sports car that could cost easily over eight hundred thousand.

All the girls were eager to cast their nets at Yannick.

“You don’t have to send me back.” Abigail snubbed, “I’ll take a cab with my brother-in-law.”

She had been under the impression that Levi did not own a car since she was well aware of Zoey’s family condition.

“I have a car!” Levi led them towards the car park and stopped in front of his car.

“Holy cow!” Yannick blurted out in surprise, “Isn’t this a Maserati Executive GT?”

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