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Chapter 31

The students knew they had been outnumbered by the dozens of thugs who had now occupied their VIP room.

It petrified them when they looked at the faces of these thugs, who appeared to be contorted with menace.

It made their legs wobble with fear and their eyes filled with horror.

They had completely forgotten about their female classmates now. All they wished now was to flee as far away as they could.

“I want all of you to get down on your knees! Let’s see who’s got the balls to stand when I ask you to kneel!”

The thugs shoved and pushed the boys to the ground, and made them kneel.

The girls followed suit voluntarily, since they had more to fret than the boys.

The leering eyes of these thugs had been all over their bodies.

Abigail was bolder than the rest and she turned only to see Levi sitting in a corner being so inconspicuous that even the thugs failed to notice him.

What a lame duck we have here! She moaned to herself, It’s such a pity that Zoey had married a weakling like him.

Her disdain for Levi grew when she saw his expression, which somewhat appeared as timid and wimpy in her eyes.

She swore her future husband must never be a coward like him, but a true and fearless hero!

She shouted at the group of thugs with glaring eyes, “I’m warning you, get out of here and leave us alone, or I’ll call the police.”

“Go ahead, my little darling! Do you think we’d let you go?”

One of the thugs stepped forward and stretched out his hand, trying to touch Abigail’s face.

Abigail slapped him in the face and her action sent the rest of the thugs into a state of shock.

Never would they have expected her to have the guts to lay her hand on them.

“Who’s the one that has the guts to hit my man?”

Following that, a few guys stormed into the room.

The leader of the group was a man with a big pot belly and tattoos all over his body.


Yannick knew that Beck was one of the gang leaders of the underground society. He was known for his fearlessness and brutality, many had seen him cut up dozens of men single-handedly by himself.

Many of the young thugs worshipped him as their idol.

“This way please, Trey!”

It astounded everyone when they saw another person stepping into the room. It seemed like Beck was just the chaperon today to someone who was an even bigger shot than Beck himself.

A group of thugs escorted the man into the room. He was cradling two shiny walnuts in his hands. A prominent scar ran diagonally across his face which resembled the teeth of a shark.

“Hiss! Trey is here as well?”

Yannick was so frightened he almost pissed himself in the pants.

As compared to Beck, Yannick knew better than his classmates that Trey was the real daddy of the underground world. He had over two hundred men at his disposal.

“Look at these girls, Trey! Young, bubbly students who look so juicy and tender, doesn’t it make you feel like you want to just gobble them up? Hehe!”

The silver-haired guy buttered up Trey and Beck with an unctuous grin.

There was an aura of pure lust reflected in the repugnant eyes of Trey and Beck.

Beck cast a few glances at Abigail and suggested to Trey, “This one seems like the cream of the crop, Trey. You should take this one.”

“Good.” Trey nodded approvingly, “I like your humility.”

Beck’s demeanor was anything but humble when he turned around to the group of students. “Bash up all the guys and boot them out of the place. Leave all the girls behind.” he snarled in his raucous voice, “If any of you dare to leak a word or tell the police, I’ll make sure you won’t get to live another day!”

“No! No! This can’t be happening…”

The students were all stricken with horror, especially the girls, who feared for the worst.

All the girls knew what would be waiting for them if they were made to stay behind.

Even the brave-hearted Abigail could not hide her panic as her body quavered in fear.

The boys were utterly shell-shocked.

They had never expected it would end up in such a grisly manner.

“Trey, Beck, please don’t do this to us!” Yannick pleaded while he knelt on the floor.

“Oh? It seems like this guy knows us?” Beck laughed.

“Of course I know you, Trey and Beck” Yannick proclaimed, “I’ve heard so much about you guys from the streets.”

“Who the hell are you?”

Trey asked disinterestedly.

“My dad is Felix Zann, President of Marriot Roman Hotel Group.” Yannick informed them, “He has had a drink with the both of you before.”

“Ah, Felix Zann of Marriot Roman Hotel.” Trey nodded, “Yeah, I know him.”

His answer seemed to offer a glint of hope to the students as they all heaved a deep sigh of relief.

Everyone gazed at Yannick with adulation. It seemed like they could lean on him when the going gets tough.

The girls looked at Yannick in a different light as well.

Even Abigail’s eyes glistened with a new respect now when she looked at him.

Yannick beamed with such heroism and courage that they really thought he would be their knight in shining armor.

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