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Chapter 27

“What is this? God of War?” Caitlyn squinted her eyes to read the name written on the document, “What’s written here? Garrison something?”

Caitlyn was trying to figure out the full name on the pass when she was startled by a voice from behind, “What are you looking at, Dr. Black?”

Caitlyn had to put the pass behind her before she could get a good look at the name.

“Oh, nothing.” Caitlyn grinned.

The voice belonged to Jelena Keaton, who was eyeing Caitlyn suspiciously.

“I see, fine.” Jelena shrugged and left.

Unbeknown to Caitlyn, Jelena had been standing behind her while she was checking the Officer Pass. She had even quietly taped down the process with her cellphone.

Jelena sheepishly sneaked to a discreet corner of the hospital and took out her phone.

“Officer, I want to report a theft by Caitlyn Black of The Third District Hospital Cardiac Surgery department.” she whispered over the phone, “I saw with my own eyes that she had stolen an Officer Pass along with a bank card. There was a bunch of chips too, I bet there must be some confidential information inside. I have even taped it down as proof, Officer.”

“Whose Officer Pass is that? Did you see the name and rank?” The officer asked from the other end of the call.

“Oh, it belongs to the God of War, Officer! I am absolutely sure of that. I have the photo and the video to prove it.”


Shortly after, the sharp shrills of police car sirens filled the air. A succession of police cars stormed into the compounds of the Third District Hospital.

A herd of police officers donned in bullet-proof vests charged into the main building.

Soon, Caitlyn was arrested and tucked into the police car. She was utterly confused and frustrated.

The police took away the rest of the stuff, including the photos and videos taken by Jelena Keaton, which would be used as evidence against Caitlyn.

They brought her directly to the City District Police Station, where the defenseless Caitlyn sobbed and wept woefully.

The nature of the incident alarmed the Captain of Patrol Squad, Xavier Fields, since it involved the theft of an Officer Pass.

He inspected the Officer Pass carefully with his naked eye.

“This couldn’t be fake. It’s a genuine Officer Pass!” he sucked in a deep breath and said, “This is unbelievable! It belongs to God of War!”

The others suggested, “We need to be absolutely sure about this, Captain. Why don’t we get someone from the military to examine it?”

“Yeah, I’ve just informed my buddy, Steven Shaw to come and check it out. He’s from the First Metallic Regiment of North Hampton, he should be here anytime now.”

“Captain, we’ve checked through the bunch of chips and those cards. But we were not granted the level of authority to access them.”

“Let’s wait a while.” Xavier Fields ordered, “I want you guys to interrogate that woman we’ve just caught!”

Inside the interrogation room.

Caitlyn could hardly stop herself from shaking, even though she had almost run out of tears.

“Come clean with us! Where did you get those documents and cards?”

“T-They belonged to my son-in-law!” Caitlyn said nervously.

“Stop spouting rubbish!!! Do you know the importance of this Officer Pass?”

“I-I have no idea…” Caitlyn stared at them blankly.

“This is an Officer Pass that belongs to the God of War!” The officer yelled at the top of his voice.

Caitlyn felt like something had exploded inside her head and clogged her brains.

“Do you know there are military secrets inside the wallet? You are now being accused of divulging top state secrets! If you refuse to come clean with us, you’ll be liable to face some real serious charges!”

“Tell me! Where did you steal the wallet and the Officer Pass?” the interrogation officer snarled abruptly at Caitlyn.

Caitlyn was sick with fear. She could feel nothing now but blind terror.

“I-I-I…this stuff belongs to my son-in-law…I’m not lying, I stole nothing…” Caitlyn sobbed.

Meanwhile, Steven Shaw had arrived at the office of the Patrol Squad.

“Where’s the Officer Pass?” Steven hurried over to ask for the pass.

“Here it is!”

Steven Shaw wasted no time in giving his utmost attention to inspect the pass.

After looking at it thoroughly for almost a minute, he put down the documents and sighed, “Yeah, it’s authentic all right!”

“This Officer Pass belongs to the God of War! Where did you find it?” he asked.

“It came from a woman.” said Xavier Fields, “It seemed like she had stolen it from somewhere.”

Steven Shaw seemed to recall something as his expression changed. “Can you find out the name of that woman,” he inquired, “ I need to know.”

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