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Chapter 250

Tears came to Isaiah, a middle-aged man, as he sobbed uncontrollably and cried his heart out.

The shameless couple’s outrageous behavior drove Isaiah to the brink of depression.

He apologized. “I’ve wronged you, Mr. Garrison! I’ve revealed almost everything I know of the core technology to that bitch! I’m really useless!”

Levi smiled. “Don’t worry about that, Isaiah. I foresaw that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce would lay their hands on the core technology.”

Isaiah was a smart man. After pondering for a while, he connected the pieces of information in his mind. Then he asked surprisingly, “Are you planning to fight against the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Garrison?”

“That’s right!”

“But Mr. Garrison… You’re recently released from prison…” How do you plan to fight against them?

Levi said with a smile, “I suppose you know about Levi Group’s recent name-changing ceremony, Isaiah? The company is called Morris Group now.”

Isaiah’s body shuddered greatly, listening to him. He widened his eyes incredulously. “Are you by any chance the boss of Morris Group, Mr. Garrison?”

“Shh! Let’s keep a low profile.” Levi gestured for him to keep quiet.

Soon, A Rolls-Royce Phantom swiftly came to a halt next to them.

Let’s go. Follow me to the company now. We’ll use the shortest time possible to establish a technical team. We are going to regain our previous glory and make them regret!” Levi said.

Isaiah felt his blood boiling with anticipation. He agreed without a second thought. “I’ve waited for this day for so long!”

Tears of joy brimmed in his eyes.

He had spent the last six years learning and following updates in the industry, maintaining and polishing his professional knowledge.

Isaiah took out his phone and dialed Sasha’s number.

Sasha said to him mockingly after the call connected, “What’s the matter, you useless piece of crippled trash? Did you regret your decision, so you’re calling me to beg me? Well, it’s too late now. In my mind, you’re no better than a stray dog. You should just get lost!”

Isaiah grimaced. “This is the last time I’m calling you, Sasha Lynch! I will make sure you regret what you’ve done. You will kneel before me and repent for your sins by that time. Don’t worry because that day will come sooner than you think!”

“Hahaha, you should consider a career as a comedian! How do you plan to realize your big talks?”

Sasha and Tom’s laughter was heard from the other end of the phone.

Then, Tom pressed his body against Sasha. “Should we film our intimate moment today and send that cripple the video?”

“Hmm, you’re so bad…”

Isaiah exploded with rage after listening to their interaction.



He smashed his cellphone on the ground forcefully. Shame! This is the worst shame a man can experience!

Isaiah and Levi were walking on the streets, discussing the company’s future direction after visiting Morris Group.

Tom and Sasha found Isaiah at that moment. Their disheveled clothes reflected the activity they were engaged in moments ago.

“Let’s go and get a divorce! It’s the right time for me to finally ditch you!” Sasha jeered at Isaiah.

“I…” Isaiah hesitated.

Making that important decision at a moment’s notice was challenging for him. His relationship with Sasha had lasted for a decade, after all.

Tom immediately mocked him. “What’s the matter? You don’t want to get a divorce? Do you plan to linger around Sasha in the future?”

Sasha pushed Isaiah. “Get lost! You’re no longer worthy of me!”

“That’s it? That’s how easily you’re disregarding our relationship that has lasted for so many years?” Isaiah questioned her with a stern expression.

“Haha! You have the audacity to ask me that question? Let me be honest with you. I only stuck with you for ten years because I coveted your money!” Sasha answered mercilessly.

Isaiah was about to agree to her request to file for a divorce when Levi stepped in. “Divorce? In your dreams!”

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