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Chapter 249

Isaiah had doubted Sasha since a long time ago, but his affection toward her caused him to place blind faith in his cheating wife.

On the other hand, Levi finally gained revelation as to how the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce managed to get near-complete information on Levi Group’s core technology.

So it was Sasha that’d tricked Isaiah into telling her all these years. Otherwise, he’s not the type of person to divulge any of the information.

Tom sized up Levi and sneered. “What’s the matter? Did you find a helper, Isaiah? Well, I’ll be frank with you. Levi Garrison is just a man who’s relying on his wife now! He’s the same as you, a crippled, useless piece of junk!”

Sasha glared at her husband menacingly. “Since we’ve told you everything, it’s time for you to get lost, Isaiah Wade! This is my place, after all!”

Tom held Sasha closer in his arms. “That’s right. You’re as good as a piece of trash now that your usefulness has come to an end!”

“Did you know, Isaiah? I’ve bought two houses and two cars with the salary you’ve given me in the past. You’re just a poor loser now. Do you think you’re qualified to stay as my man?” Sasha jeered at Isaiah.

Tom laughed. “I’ll let you in on another secret, Isaiah. I am not the only man who cuckolded you. Plenty of others in the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce slept with your wife too. They even praised her for her outstanding techniques!”

“I’ll kill you!” Isaiah rushed forward with reddened eyes and veins throbbing visibly on his forehead.


Tom punched Isaiah easily and the latter fell backward.

He was about to swing another punch, but Levi caught his wrist.

Tom staggered backward after Levi exerted a little force to push him off.

Levi’s idea was to have Isaiah teach the shameless couple a lesson they would remember for the rest of their lives, which was the reason why he hadn’t interfered until that moment.

In the meantime, Sasha tossed a suitcase filled with Isaiah’s belongings on the floor. “Take your rubbish with you and get the hell out of here!”

Isaiah felt his heart wrenched with pain as he was chased out of the house mercilessly by his wife. I worked so hard in the past with the sole intention of providing Sasha with a comfortable life. Not only did she scammed all my money and cheated on me, but she’s also even chasing me away now.

Isaiah stared at the shameless couple with malicious intent. His body was trembling with rage.

Levi asked Isaiah, “Do you want to surpass them, Isaiah? Do you want to render them speechless and make them look up to you?”

“I do!”

“Do you want that slut to grovel on the floor and repent?”

“I do!”

“Do you want that despicable man to kneel before you and beg for your forgiveness?”

“I do!”

“Will you accept my offer if I provide you with such an opportunity now?” Levi asked.

“I will!” Isaiah roared. “I swear to accomplish great success even if I have to work my ass off! I will make these two shameless people pay for their sins!”

Isaiah steeled his resolution as the last shred of love he had for Sasha vanished.

“Great. You are my employee from this moment onward.” Levi announced.

“Hahaha, did you hear him, Tom? He wants us to pay the price for our sins!” Sasha laughed out loud.

Tom leaned against the Mercedes-Benz and sneered. “You’re a fool, Isaiah. Are you expecting Levi Garrison to give you the chance to rise up? He can’t even take care of himself now! Much less give you any kind of opportunity. What a joke!”

Sasha added. “That’s right. Don’t you have a brain you can think with? Levi was recently released from prison. Do you still expect him to be Morris Group’s boss? In your dreams!”

Isaiah narrowed his eyes and shrieked at them. “I believe in Mr. Garrison! He will provide me with a platform to prosper. By that time, I swear to make you pay!”

“Sure. We’ll be waiting for you. You’re such a hilarious brainless git…” The two of them entered the car and left before Isaiah’s eyes.

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