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Chapter 247

Sasha glanced at Levi and jeered at Isaiah. “Why am I stuck with a useless junk like you? You gave up a job that would pay you ten million annually for this ex-con in the past.

Look at how well Tom Frazier and Charlie Reeds are doing now. They are receiving an annual salary of twenty million, driving luxurious cars, and staying in expensive villas. What about you? You are living in the dumps!”

Isaiah apologized again. “Honey, this is all my fault. I am a piece of trash. But this has got nothing to do with Mr. Garrison!”

“Hmph! Both of you are pieces of shit!”

At that moment, a series of honks were heard from outside the pharmacy.

A Mercedes-Benz worth over a million was parked outside the store.

A man dressed in a suit got out of the car. He appeared to be an elite in the business world.

“What’s taking you so long, Sasha? I’ve been waiting for half a day now.” A man entered the pharmacy.

The man was stunned when he saw Levi.

He was none other than one of the traitors who turned against Levi, Tom Frazier. He was the vice team leader, as well as the person who disclosed one-third of the information related to Levi Group’s core technology.

“Oh? I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. But it is you, the crippled Mr. Garrison! You’re finally released from prison. I could’ve picked you up if you’d informed me earlier!” Tom said cheerfully.

He glanced at Isaiah’s leg and jeered at Levi. “You’re a cripple, Mr. Garrison, and so is Isaiah. Are you guys preparing to form a team to participate in the Paralympics?”

“Hahaha… That’s right! They can be a team of cripples!” Sasha could not contain her laughter.

Levi said, “Do you speak to your parents with that foul mouth of yours?”

Tom was displeased instantaneously. He pointed at Levi. “I cannot say anything to you if you were the Levi Garrison from six years ago. But who are you to insult me now? Do you have a death wish?”

Isaiah chided subconsciously, “How dare you speak to Mr. Garrison with that tone! Do you think you’re qualified to carry that attitude in front of him?”

Isaiah thought of Levi as his savior. So he would not allow anyone to criticize Levi.

“Oh? Are you an accomplished man now, Isaiah? Since when do you have the guts to defy me?” Tom patted Isaiah’s face.

Isaiah shouted angrily as he unleashed the pent-up rage in his heart. “You are not welcome here! This is my place, so get out now!”

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