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Chapter 246

“You’ve suffered greatly all these years, Isaiah!” Levi glanced at Isaiah Wade’s legs.

Isaiah wiped the tears off his face. “I’m fine, Mr. Garrison. I’m so glad to see you again!”

Levi patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Isaiah. I am here to bring you back this time!”

At that moment, an annoying voice was heard. “Why are you crying, you useless junk? Are you reminiscing your dead parents or something?”

A woman walked out from within the house swiftly after.

She wore heavy makeup on her face and was dressed provocatively. Her eyelashes batted in a seductive manner. In addition to her fashionable appearance and mature temperament, her body was voluptuous. Any ordinary man would have a hard time peeling their eyes off her.

Levi glanced at her and saw that the woman was dressed in luxurious clothing. She wore Chanel clothes, carried an LV bag, paired with Ferragamo high heels. Strapped on her wrist was an Omega wristwatch worth over a hundred thousand.

Levi could not imagine such a wealthy woman living inside that little pharmacy. But he had seen that woman before. She was Isaiah’s wife, Sasha Lynch.

Many of Isaiah’s colleagues were jealous of him in the past because of Sasha’s beauty.

Isaiah treated his wife extremely well. He would always hand over all of his salaries to her, and would eat instant noodles by himself for a month in order to save up so that he could afford to treat his wife to an extravagant meal.

Sasha eyed Levi dumbfoundedly for a few seconds. “Levi Garrison? Hahaha! Your ex-con boss is here to visit you, you useless junk! You pieces of trash finally have the chance to reunite.” Sasha laughed uncontrollably.

Isaiah grimaced. He hurriedly said to his wife, “Honey, mind your words please. He’s my boss!”

“What do you mean by that, you useless junk! How dare you oppose me?” Sasha screamed angrily.

Isaiah was well-known for being afraid of his wife. He immediately lowered his head.

“Know your place, Isaiah Wade! I am providing you your daily meals, accommodation, and clothes! Do not forget that I am the person who sponsored this pharmacy! So how dare you oppose me? Did you got tired of living?” Sasha yelled.

“I’m sorry, honey… I will not repeat this mistake anymore…” Isaiah apologized submissively.

Levi felt chills spreading across his chest at that sight. This woman was obedient and polite when Isaiah was successful. She even cooked his lunch and sent the meals to his office every day back then. But look at her now. She’s mistreating him now that he’s down and out.

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