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Chapter 244

“OK then, let me ask you, why has the price suddenly increased? And why did you deny us our deposit of 50 million? Who instructed you to do all these?” Levi questioned.

Mason shook his head and replied, “None, it’s all my own doing. There’s no one else that’s in on this.”

The corners of Levi’s mouth curled into an unfathomable smile as he waved at James, and said, “I heard that you’re an expert at interrogating people, show me how you do it!”

“Understood, Mr. Garrison!”

James stepped forward and flashed a devilish grin at Mason. “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt at all!”

James opened a plastic bag which contained all sorts of knives. Just by looking at it was enough to make one’s hair stand.

James picked up a small boning knife and said with a smile, “Mr. Garrison, I intend to use this knife to slice off his fingernails and toenails first… “

Upon hearing those words, Mason could already imagine the excruciating pain which would be inflicted on him.

“After that… “

“I’ll talk!”

Before James could complete his sentence, he was interrupted by Mason Pena.

“I’ll tell you everything! It’s Ron Bale from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce who instructed me to do that! He told me not to sell this place to you at all costs. Not only that, but he also asked me to find ways to take advantage of your company!”

Mason did not hold back any information and told Levi everything he knew.

“Very well, so it’s the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!”

Levi fixed his gaze on Mason as he said, “So, are you going to sell this building to me now?”

James, who was beside Levi, sniggered as he stared at Mason.

Mason wiped off the beads of perspiration on his forehead and replied decisively, “Yes! I’ll sell it to your company for two hundred million!”

“Did I say that that’s the price that I’m going to pay?” Levi asked.

“Huh? Isn’t two hundred million the price we agreed upon?” Mason was confused.

Imitating Mason’s tone, Levi said, “Oh, the price can be changed anytime! There are currently a few dozens of factory buildings for me to choose from. There’s even one that is as cheap as ten million!”

“I’ve made a careful assessment just now. I think this place is worth at most fifty million! I shall purchase this building at fifty million then!”

In fact, Levi had offered a fair price.

Previously, Mason had considered selling the building to another interested party who had proposed thirty million for it.

“I… “

Mason was at a loss for words.

All he could feel was regret!

A deep sense of immeasurable regret!

If I did not listen to Ron and proceeded with the sale earlier on, I would have already received two hundred million.

Now look at what that plan has caused me, I can only settle for fifty million!

After both parties signed the sale and purchase agreement, the construction team which Iris had already engaged, started renovation works in the building. It was estimated that the works would take three days to complete.

The next step would be to wait for the shipment of the equipment.

Even though Mason was upset with how things had turned out, he had still managed to get fifty million.

That very day, Ron from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce rang Mason up.

“Mason Pena, what’s wrong with you? You sold the building? And for just fifty million? Are you an idiot or what?” Ron lashed out the second Mason answered the phone.

“Ron Bale, who do you think you are? Who gave you the right to tell me off? Let me tell you, you’ve caused me a huge loss! Don’t let me see your face, or I’ll definitely kill you!”

Mason hung up after saying that, without waiting for Ron’s reply.

Ron was so mad that he almost slammed his phone on the ground.

Also present were three other members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, namely Xawery Yount, Braylen Stewart and Wildan Saenz.

They had grim expressions on their faces as well.

“We have to think of something to deal with Morris Group!” Ron said frustratedly.

Wildan smiled and said, “I just received news that Morris Group had ordered a huge batch of equipment and apparatus from the Dynatic Medical Apparatus Company in the South City!”

“Is there a way for us to interfere with that?” Everyone asked.

“Of course! The owner of Dynatic Medical Apparatus Company happens to be my dormitory mate in college!” Wildan had an insidious smile on his face as he said that.

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