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Chapter 242

“That’s right. We’ve already discussed everything. All you have to do now is to sign the papers. Why did you pay us the deposit if you’re so cautious in the first place?” Mason jeered at Levi.

“Are you trying to force a deal?” Levi asked.

“When did I do that?” Mason sneered.

Levi disregarded him and started to scan through the agreement.

He grimaced after a short while and turned to ask Elena, “What was the price we agreed upon yesterday?”

Elena answered, “two hundred million. We paid a deposit of fifty million yesterday.”

Levi sneered. “That’s not right, Mr. Pena. two hundred million was the price we agreed upon after the discussion yesterday. Why did the figure become two billion on the agreement?”

Everyone gasped after listening to Levi’s comment. They’ve marked up the price by ten folds!

The other executives were shocked after flipping through the agreement. They questioned Mason. “What do you mean by this, Mr. Pena? Why is it two billion listed on the contract now? You better explain yourself!”

Mason glanced at the crowd nonchalantly. “Explanation? Hmph! I’ll be frank with you guys! two hundred million was the price for yesterday. This factory is worth two billion today!”

“That’s improper, Mr. Pena. How can you amend the agreement without mutual consent at the last minute?”

“That’s right. You are violating the contract.”

Elena and the others chided.

Mason said with a smile. “Is there a rule stating that I cannot amend the price? Over ten companies contacted me last night, telling me they are interested in purchasing my factory. Someone even offered me three billion. So two billion is already considered a cheap price!”

That kind of situation was commonly seen on the business field.

A lot of businessmen would change their stance at the last minute because they regretted the offer they accepted. Last-minute changes were either due to the businessmen’s greediness or due to underhand tactics by competitors.

Everyone looked at Levi to sought out his opinion.

Levi beamed at Mason. “In that case, return us the deposit. We will not be buying your factory now.” It is not a difficult task to look for a similar factory like this. I do not have to concede under this kind of circumstance.

Elena, who was in charge of the finance department, said, “Please return the fifty million deposit to us, Mr. Pena.”

Unexpectedly, Mason looked up and asked with a confused look. “Deposit? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Elena explained patiently. “We paid you fifty million as a deposit yesterday after the discussion with your company. I even have the receipt here with me!”

Mason feigned ignorance. “Did something like that happen?”

“What’s going on? Are you trying to play the fool?” Elena was trembling with rage.

“I am not playing the fool. I really don’t know anything about this. Look around and speak for yourself. Are the people who engaged in discussion with you yesterday here in this room?” Mason asked.

Elena glanced at her surroundings. They’re not here.

“You got cheated by someone else! Our company went bankrupt a long time ago. They were merely the temporary workers for our factory. I think they stole our company’s stamp and signed the receipt for you. They’re the ones that scammed your money! So look for them if you want your deposit back because I have got nothing to do with this!”

Everyone was dumbfounded after listening to Mason. First, he changed the price from two hundred million to two billion. Now he’s trying to scam our deposit. This is the first time we’ve seen someone as shameless and despicable as him after working in this field for so many years!

However, Levi merely smiled. “So, you do not plan to return us the fifty million right, Mason Pena?”

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